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January 2009
Dear Friends in Christ,
With all the work of the wedding behind us, we were excited to get more work done on Ramiro and Maria's home this month. Micah and Holly came down with their girls to help us get the painting project started. Debbi watched the girls while Micah and Holly worked with Brigitta, tackling as much painting as they could. Later, Ken, Debbi, and Brigitta continued working on the interior. Daily, Maria would offer us food which she lovingly prepared. When we could, we enjoyed a delicious meal with her family.
While some of us were busy at Ramiro and Maria's home, Kenny worked with several men at the Ranch of Faith. We thank the Lord that He allowed us to pour a footer for the caretaker's home on the ranch. Using small trees and limbs for many of the posts, a fence was painstakingly built around this future home. For security purposes this home is important. We will need a family living on the ranch while Pastor Santos' home is being built and other projects are taking place.
One evening we had a wonderful Mexican meal for the leaders of the John 3:16 Church. It was a privilege to host about 20 adults and a few of their children. They had their monthly meeting/planning session, some prayer, a meal, and some fellowship. During the fellowship time we set out some donated blankets, pillows, sheets and other household items for the ladies to take what they needed or to share with others in need. The sisters of the church were so excited and grateful to receive these gifts.
We are happy to announce the marriage of our daughter Sara to Joel Wean. They were married at 7:00pm, January 16, 2009 at the Boerne First Baptist Church. We praise the Lord for His wonderful provision and His beautiful display of love through so many friends in Christ. We are grateful to the Lord and to many of you who participated in making their wedding such a beautiful occasion. We were humbled by the many people who blessed us by putting so much effort and time into this wonderful day. A special thanks to Diana and Regina Hawley for carrying such a large load and organizing this event for our family. This was truly a day we will remember with thanksgiving forever.
After the wedding Joel and Sara spent a week on the beautiful Grand Cayman Island. With the temperature in the 80's it was hard for them to believe it was January. They had a wonderful time touring the island, snorkeling, and enjoying the beautiful beaches.
They are living in Spring Branch. We are looking forward to watching the Lord work through their lives together now. We praise the Lord for His goodness and faithfulness in bringing these two special people together.
I will give thanks to the Lord with all my heart.
~Psalm 9:1a~
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family
~Praise and Prayer Requests~
We thank the Lord for bringing Micah safely home from Haiti. His trip went very well. Because he returned home so late, we will share the details of his trip in the February newsletter.
We praise the Lord that He has allowed our family to work with Ramiro and Maria's family again this month. While working on their home, Ramiro was taking their very old wringer washer apart to repair it. The part he needed would cost $170. We found a good used washer for $250. Please pray that God will would allow us to fill this need.
As you read, the footer was poured for the caretaker's home on the Ranch of Faith. That was a great blessing for our family and is the first step toward the fulfilling of our vision of using agriculture projects as an evangelistic tool for men and boys in the nearby colonias. We look forward to sharing more of our ideas and vision for the Ranch of Faith. Please pray with us for direction and timing on this endeavor.
With Sara's marriage, she will no longer be working with the Dorcas House Ministry as she has in the past. We praise the Lord that Lety is an experienced teacher and seamstress. Therefore we would like to hire her to teach local women and girls to sew and to lead daily Bible studies. We believe more women and girls in the colonia could be reached. Please pray for the provision of funds to support Lety for this ministry. We need to raise $45 a week or $180 a month.
Our family is very grateful to each of you who pray for or support us financially. We understand that this is a very difficult time economically for many of you, so each gift we receive is even more appreciated. We pray the blessings of our loving Father over your homes, families and businesses as we look forward to working together with you in Mexico and Haiti.