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December 2008
Dear Friends in Christ,
There were some pretty cold days in Nava this month with the temperatures being in the upper 30's a few nights. We were grateful for some sunshine and warmer days after the cold.
We were very excited to help Ramiro's (Jesús' Dad) family finish drying in the front and back additions on their home. Allen Criddle and his son Cole joined us to help with the insulation and ceiling work. It was a blessing to have them work with our family to get this project close to completion. Thank you Criddle family for sharing your time and skills to help Jesús' family have a larger and warmer home for the winter!
With cold weather, it was a blessing to share some donated sheets and blankets with a few families. Again this year we are grateful for your kind response and were able to give four families a heater with propane to help keep their homes warm. Many of our Nava friends have little insulation and most have none. With dirt or concrete floors, and walls of tarp or scraps of wood, there is not much to protect them from the winter elements. We compare it to tent camping in the winter.COLD!!
The Juan 3:16 feeding program is doing well. Along with feeding the children physically, Paulina shares Scripture and teaches the children about Christ to feed them spiritually. These children come from homes in the colonia where the parents are struggling to put food on the table. Some of them do not attend the Church, so this may be their only opportunity of hearing about Christ. When we shop each month, Paulina always asks that we express to you her deep appreciation for the love you have shown these children.
While talking with Julio and Adriana one evening, we found out that their two eldest daughters had birthdays that week. Christi turned 12 and Genesis turned 11. We couldn't pass up the opportunity to have a little birthday party for them. What a blessing to get to share in the fun of singing "Happy Birthday" in English and Spanish with little girls who would rarely have had such a birthday party!
~Praise and Prayer Requests~
If you would like to help with heat for a family in Nava, the cost of a heater and filled propane tank are $250.
Micah will be leaving for Haiti on January 18th and returning home on the 31st. Please pray for his safety and that the Lord will be honored during his visit. He plans to spend some time at both of the schools that you support through O.S.M. We will be sharing the details of his trip in the January newsletter. We praise the Lord for providing 168 Bibles so far for the children in Haiti. If you would like to donate a case of Creole Bibles, the cost is $205 or $8.54 each.
Our family will be very busy the first 2 weeks of January preparing for Sara and Joel's wedding on Jan. 16th. All of us are very happy for them and are excited to have Joel as a member of our family. Please pray for us as we seek to have a wedding which reflects the love of Christ to His Church in their ceremony.
Coming to the end of 2008 we look back and reflect on the goodness of our loving Father. Through your love, prayers, and financial donations, He has enabled our family to share in some incredible experiences in Mexico and Haiti. Several families in Nava have better and warmer homes this winter, and approximately 25 children receive a meal each day. In addition, about 250 children receive a meal each day in Haiti. All of these children hear God's Word daily in hopes of bringing them to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Instead of hanging out in the colonia looking for trouble, a few boys are learning to use their hands in a productive way and being discipled in the Carpenter Shop. Some Sisters in the church are learning to sew and supplementing their families' incomes. You maintain and provide fuel for the Juan 3:16 bus and van which transports many people several times a week to hear the Word of God. The Gospel of Christ has been shared on the streets of Nava, San Louis, and Dr. Mora, Mexico. Hundreds of tracts and Bibles have been given away. Several Nava families have heaters and hundreds of food parcels were distributed to families in need. We have helped install cisterns in several communities in Haiti which can make a big difference for people in those areas. Financially this has been a tough year for many of you, yet the love and Word of Christ went forth. We are deeply grateful for your sacrificial giving which provides for these and the many other opportunities we are given to share Christ.
We look to the Lord for His direction for our family and O.S.M. in 2009. We hope to share the love of Christ with His Church as well as with those who are lost and could die without Him. Please pray for our family as we continue to seek His guidance and direction to fulfill His mission.
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family