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October 2008
Dear Friends in Christ,
What a perfect month to be in Nava! The weather has been ideal; warm during the day and cool in the evenings. While taking several long walks over the Ranch of Faith, we enjoyed looking at the beauty of God's creation.
The day after we arrived in Nava our friends, Rob and Carol Rugloski came down with their precious family. They have four sons, three daughters, and number 8 will be here in a few months. We enjoyed having them stay in our home while they surveyed the Ranch of Faith to give us corner markers and some boundaries to work within. It was exciting to follow them around and see where the markers were as they carefully put them in the ground. The ranch is full of scrub oaks and undergrowth since the fire, so getting around on the property can be challenging. With all the brush and trees, it has been hard to get an idea in our minds of the 'lay of the land'. It is encouraging and helpful to see the ranch begin to take shape.
The Rugloski family stayed over the week-end. This was just the right amount of time to get the project completed. We were able to take a little time and show them the colonia, the Dorcas House, the Carpenter Shop, and some of the homes that many of you helped us build. Thank you so much Rugloski family for your labor of love in Nava!
When the Rugloski's left, Kenny rented a tractor to continue clearing trees and brush. Now with landmarks to work with, we can better decide what will go where. Micah and Dad worked with Brother Bob, building a latrine. They also worked on leveling out dirt that was delivered to build up the foundation for a home for Pastor Santos and Sister Fini. They are looking forward to having a home on the property and we pray that O.S.M. can be a large part of making that happen.
We were blessed to have a donation to help Bob, who has been helping our family with different construction projects over the past few months. Bob and his family have been an encouragement to Pastor Santos and Sister Fini in leadership at the John 3:16 Church. We were happy for him and he was thankful to the Lord for His provision of much needed new tires for his truck!!
There is construction in progress to enlarge the highway in front of the Ranch of Faith. Pastor Santos talked with one of the men from the road crew who then offered to help us build an entrance for our driveway. They brought the road grader and helped put an entrance driveway into the ranch. Kenny and Pastor Santos took the opportunity to witness the gospel to these two men.
Joel, Sara, Kenny, Micah, and Gita worked at Julio and Adrianna's home putting up insulation and a ceiling in the new addition. It still doesn't have windows, but we are slowly helping get it dried in and finished so that it will be more comfortable for their family with cold weather on its way. Even though Julio does have a job making approximately $50.00 a week, it often isn't enough to feed his family. We were grateful to be able to purchase some groceries for their family to help them through this time.
Micah, Brigitta, and Joel worked at Toncho's home to build an inside wall on his addition. Toncho and his wife Cuquis, were very happy and grateful to get this project finished. They now have their own bedroom separate from their children and a small living/dining room area for their family.
We took Sister Paulina to the grocery store to purchase food for next month. She was so excited to show me the tables that her husband, Braulio, had made for the children. She is feeding about 25 children each day and again she is very grateful to the Lord for your provision to feed the local children.
With our time having Sara at home drawing to a close, it was a great opportunity for our family to work together in the colonia and at the Ranch of Faith so much this month. We had fun working, sharing our hearts and vision for our work in Nava. In general, it was a great time in the Lord for each of us. We continue to look to Him for our strength and guidance.
As most of you know, or at least understand, there is not a day that goes by that we don't think of and greatly miss our sweetheart, Shelby. When we go to Nava, we see her everywhere. The summer before she was diagnosed with cancer, she had tilled a spot on the property for a vegetable garden. She laid out rows, and had even built an area to compost. She didn't get to plant though as her pain became more and more intense. Each time we go to the ranch, we see the rows of dirt as she had left the project. This month it was amazing to see how God had filled her garden with beautiful yellow flowers, even around the tank she planned to water with. There were butterflies everywhere. She would love what God did in her garden!!
Thanksgiving is the most celebrated holiday of the year in the Kennedy home. We enjoy looking back over the past year and remembering the blessings that God has showered on our family. Always at the top of our list are many of you who have touched our lives in special ways. We are very grateful to those of you who pray, those who donate financially, those who write letters and notes of encouragement, and those who reach out to our family and O.S.M. in many other ways. You have been the heart of Christ to and for us in the love you have shown. Thank you so much. May the Lord pour out His love and favor over each of you as you celebrate Thanksgiving in your homes with your families this month. In Him we have so much to be grateful for!!
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family
~Praise and Prayer Requests~
We praise the Lord for allowing us to finish the work on Julio's ceiling. Please prayer-fully consider if the Lord would have you help with the windows to finish drying it in. The cost will be about $300.
The cool weather is very welcome here in Nava, but we know close behind it is the very cold temperatures of winter. Many of the families don't have heat, some are living on dirt floors with pallets, tarps, and scraps to protect them from the elements. If any-one would like to help put heat in for some of the families in the colonia, the cost is $250.00. This will also give them a full propane tank for the heater. Please note that your gift is for heaters if that is where you would like it to go.
We praise the Lord that He has provided the money to purchase doors and windows for Jesus' home. We hope to pour a concrete floor before they are installed. Lord willing we should finish this project next month.