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September 2008
Dear Friends in Christ,
September has been a beautiful month in San Antonio and Nava. Just after Hurricane Ike hit Galveston, the weather began cooling down in the evenings. This is a welcome break from the summer heat, especially for our friends who live in challenging conditions in the colonia. The Lord has protected our friends and the schools in Haiti during the hurricane season so far, being located just outside of Port-au-Prince and up a mountain.
About 11 boys and girls from the John 3:16 Church joined Pastor Santos and Kenny to travel south to Sabinas for an annual stock show this month. The last time we took children from the colonia was in Sept. of 2004. We provided transportation, paid for the children to attend, and provided for a meal as a way for Pastor Santos and Kenny to spend time with the young teens in a wholesome setting. The children (ages 10-14) enjoyed this time. The judge, Gary Parker, spent time with our small group explaining about the good qualities of a well cared for animal. Seeing and experiencing animals properly cared for is very different than what these children see in the colonia, and we believe, more honoring to our Creator.
A few mornings, some of the members of the John 3:16 Church joined Kenny and Sara in the church kitchen at 4:00 a.m. They helped prepare and serve breakfast to about 200 needy people. A brother in Christ, Stephen, along with other church members, fervently preached the gospel, shared one-on-one, and passed out tracts and Bibles. Meanwhile other members served breakfast tacos in downtown Nava and other areas. Stephen later told Kenny that he can well relate to many of these down and out people. Just a few years ago he was in their shoes and his life was a wreck. The Lord brought him out of that lifestyle through the drawing of the Holy Spirit and the persistent witness of Pastor Santos. The Brothers and Sisters who were involved with this project were very excited and encouraged as it blessed them to get to reach out and serve others with food and more importantly with the gospel of Jesus Christ!!
With the weather cooperating so nicely, Kenny experienced a small temperature break as he worked with a rented front-end loader at the 'Ranch of Faith'. He began clearing brush and small fire damaged trees for a few homes. He hopes to provide work and discipleship to fathers and sons of the colonial through agricultural projects on this ranch. There is so much labor intensive work to be done. We are blessed that Kenny is excited, has a vision, and he is willing to take on and oversee a lot of the work.
Our family is so very happy for our sweet, precious, God-honoring daughter, Sara, as we announce her engagement and upcoming marriage to her dear friend Joel Wean. He has joined our family on many teams in Mexico, being one of the team leaders when we built homes in Nava. He has traveled to Haiti with O.S.M. on 2 occasions. Please join us in prayer for Joel and Sara, for all the details involved in a wedding, and that Christ will be honored and glorified through their union.
One of our favorite pastors who has gone to be with the Lord, Ron Dunn, said in one of his sermons, that good and bad run on parallel tracks and usually arrive about the same time. We experienced this very deeply this month as we walked through the Home going of one of Shelby and Holly's dear friends, Michelle Cheney, a precious young woman who loved the Lord. Please pray for her faithful husband Craig, her parents, David and Linda Ringer, as well as her entire family as they celebrate her life and rejoice in the assurance that she is with Christ. Pray for their strength and grace as they walk through the pain and reality of losing her in this life.
There is a big update and lots of new information on the web-site that has been set up in honor of Shelby. There will be a Bible Bee (Bible memory competition) on a national level, beginning the end of 2009. For more information please log on to:
The director of the feeding program for the schools in Haiti, Lussade, has reported to us that the families of the school children and the schools we work with, along with his family are all doing fine after the hurricanes went through Haiti. The major damage was west of their area. They experienced rain and wind, but no significant problems. Praise the Lord. Please pray for the children as they begin school this month.
We praise the Lord for each of you!! We appreciate your prayers in our behalf and your desire to know what is happening in our family and the needs we have in Nava and Haiti. Please continue to lift us before our Heavenly Father asking for His will and desires to be accomplished through the work done by you and O.S.M.
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family