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August 2008
Dear Friends in Christ,
What a blessing and a privilege to serve our wonderful Savior, Jesus Christ!
The month began with Debbi and Kenny traveling to Reynosa, Mexico. There they joined Pastor Isidro's family and church on a mission trip to an area 10 hours south of the border. The group was made up of 80 enthusiastic church members who were prepared for evangelism, Bible schools and church services. The Lord provided for O.S.M. to purchase 120 Spanish Bibles and 200 Spanish Bible-story coloring books to aid in the projects. The group loaded all the supplies onto two chartered buses and headed to San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Once there, they split into two groups. One group remained in San Luis while the other traveled south to the city of Dr. Mora. Debbi stayed with the group in San Luis while Kenny went on to Dr. Mora.
~Debbi's Testimony From San Luis~
Arriving early in the morning after only a few hours of sleep, I was pretty tired. Once we got out of the bus, we had to 'hit the ground running' to begin Bible School and an evangelistic service that afternoon. We were served a very simple, yet tasty breakfast by members of a church in San Luis. Having some much needed coffee and fresh air gave me energy to get my day going.
Sister Flory (Pastor Isidro's wife) arranged for me to have a ride to a local store to purchase food for the Bible School. San Luis is a very large city of about 1.5 million people. I was driven to town by a really sweet woman from the church to buy hot dogs, chips and drinks for the children. It took a while to get there, and then to figure out how to get all the food and several ladies back into the tiny car. The ride downtown was a real event, so it was an answer to prayer to get safely back to the church.
While we were purchasing food, several teams of people went out to pass out tracts, witness door-to-door, and to invite children for Bible School.
That evening we fired up a grill and cooked hot dogs for all the children and the team. The Bible School went well. Afterwards there was a very clear presentation of the gospel for all in attendance.
For the next couple of days I had the privilege of joining the evangelism group. I went door to door witnessing with two precious Sisters in Christ, Mary and Rosy, who are both retired school teachers. In San Luis there are only a few small protestant churches. The people were kind and would listen, and often allowed us to pray with them, but we could tell they were not very interested. This did not seem to discourage Mary or Rosy. They would touch the homes and pray for the people inside as we walked the streets to share Christ and invite people to each service. They cried as they prayed asking God to open the hearts of these people to Him. I was so blessed to get to be a part of this outreach for Christ.
During the evening services, about 10 to 12 people came forward to receive Christ. This was very encouraging to see, and exciting for the members of the church who have prayed fervently that others would come to Him. We all sang and celebrated these conversions, which brought these new brothers and sisters out of the dark and into the light of Jesus Christ. The Bible school and evangelism services are very important to Sister Flory and her sister Veronica, as their family came to Christ through a group of Americans who did a Bible School in Monterrey when they were young. Out of this one family there are 4 pastors serving Christ in Mexico today. Praise the Lord!
~Kenny's Testimony From Dr. Mora~
I am so thankful to the Lord for giving me the opportunity to go to Dr. Mora. His hand was on us throughout the whole trip. We had been told that we were going to be sleeping on the floor in a stable, but on the way there we got a phone call that some-one was going to let us use their small warehouse. It was encouraging to see that God was already working even before we arrived. Dr. Mora is an old farming town. By ten o'clock in the morning the people have already put in four to five hours of work. They eat breakfast and then go back to work for the rest of the day. It's about five or six thousand feet above sea level with beautiful mountains all around, eighty to eighty-five degrees during the day and in the fifties at night.
Being one of the youngest in the group, I was able to help with moving tables, chairs, and large bags of food. My group would go every day door-to-door witnessing and giving out invitations to adults and children for the evening services. Pastor Isidro spoke to the adults with much love and humility explaining to them how their beliefs were wrong. Some of the ladies from the Reynosa church did Bible school with the children. It was a blessing to see God's hand at work in the lives of these people. About thirty-five to forty people attending, prayed to receive Christ. Only He knows their hearts. On Sunday, we saw the first Christian church begin in Dr. Mora. I pray that God will allow my involvement with this church in some way in the future. Please pray that many others come to Christ through the work of this new church.
The time in San Luis and Dr. Mora went by quickly. At the end of the trip, the group joined together again and went another 2 hours south to San Miguel Allende. This area has mountains surrounding it and the weather is very nice even in the middle of summer! After they enjoyed touring the beautiful city, Debbi, Kenny and the group packed up and made the 12 hour trip back to Reynosa. The group arrived in Reynosa around 5:00 a.m. so that many of the members of the group could work that day, including Pastor Isidro who had a radio spot at 6:00 a.m.
Debbi and Kenny praise the Lord for allowing them to go and be a part of the Bible schools and witnessing door-to-door. We are grateful for the lives that were touched and changed as a result of the work of the Holy Spirit and the love of Christ showing through this precious group of brothers and sisters in Christ!!
School has started again in Nava. The Lord showed us His favor this month by giving us several days of rain, which cooled things off a great deal.
The boys in the colonia are staying busy working in the Carpenter House with Tancho. The classes seem to be going well. The small projects they work on are just as much a learning experience for Tancho as for the boys. More important than the projects is the time Tancho spends encouraging the boys spiritually and sharing with them from God's Word. This ministry has been such a blessing to us.
The Dorcas House Ministry is also doing well. Sara spent time working with the ladies finishing up small details on several projects. She also designed some new clothing and left the material and supplies there for them to be working on while we are away.
It is always a blessing to visit the home of little Jesús while in Nava. We took his mother, Maria, to the local pharmacy to refill each of his prescriptions. Maria expressed her deep appreciation for the meds and continues to say that this is definitely her greatest concern. She praises the Lord for your meeting this need for her family. We have explained to her that our loving Father is providing financially through Christian friends here in the States. We are grateful to those of you who have prayed for and helped with Jesús' meds.
Debbi had an opportunity to go shopping with Sister Paulina so that she had plenty of food for August. Debbi always enjoys spending time with her. Paulina's heart of mercy is a testimony to us all. Some of the children are back in school now so the noon meal gets spread out over a couple of hours as Paulina works around the new schedules. We also filled her propane tank so she can cook the food. Paulina is always so sweet and humbly expresses her deep appreciation for the food that you supply so that she can minister to these precious children. Thank you so much!!
Ken and Debbi celebrated their 31st anniversary this month. They enjoyed a couple days on the Texas coast. They are grateful for another year of life together and for God's many blessings on their lives.
~ Praise & Prayer Requests ~
We praise the Lord for Kenny and Debbi's safety in traveling this month. We're so grateful for His continuous safety for us as we are constantly on the road. We don't want to ever take this for granted, He is so good to us.
Please pray with us that the work that was done this month in Nava as well as the mission trip Kenny and Debbi took will have a lasting effect on the Kingdom of God.
You can also pray that God will provide funds to purchase Bibles for distribution. The Bibles we purchase are a high quality, hard cover Bible for $8.50 each or $204 for a case of 24.
We are grateful that the Carpenter House Ministry as well as the Juan 3:16 Meal Program are doing well and that the Lord is providing for them.
Thank you all for your continuous love and prayers. We thank the Lord for each of you.
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family