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July 2008
Dear Friends in Christ,
"Let the glory of the Lord endure forever;
Let the Lord be glad in His works."

~Psalm 104:31~
God blessed us by giving us a busy month in July. We have been looking forward to sharing with you about our son Micah's time in Haiti. Below is his version of the trip.
July 6th-17th I was very blessed to be able to join John Leininger and a Harvest International team to Haiti. Arriving in Port a Prince we spent the first night in a Harvest sponsored orphanage. For four days the team was able to do some maintenance on the building. We spent time organizing the depot (a storage room) and working on the bathrooms, repairing the sinks and cleaning out the shower lines. Each day we enjoyed doing V.B.S. with the children, which was great fun for us as well as them. On the fifth day we visited Pastor Peti Noel's and Pastor Mark's schools. I am always amazed by how hot it is in the schools, and still children come to receive an education and a meal (which you provide through O.S.M.) every school day. Just standing in the schools I was drenched in sweat. It makes me think that much more about how God blesses me with things that I normally take for granted on an every day basis. The children were all smiles as usual and very grateful to see us and I was so happy to see them.
On the 12th the team flew out to Cayes and then drove four hours to Dèyè Mòn where we stayed. The next morning part of the team helped John Leininger teach the medical workers. He is training about 30 health-care workers so that they can care for wounds and injuries when and where there are no doctors. Pastor Etien, Russ, and I went to another village to install a cistern. It took longer than expected because of structural difficulties, but in the end we completed the job. The people in the community were very happy and grateful. On the way back Russ saw a witch doctor whom he had shared the gospel with in the past. We stopped and witnessed Jesus and prayed with him. Even though he didn't accept Christ as his Savior, I was glad that we had spent time with him.
Sunday we were blessed to go to a very small church. They were excited to welcome us into their worship service. They honored us with a song and some words of thanksgiving which is always encouraging. That afternoon we drove an hour to Pestel, a small city on the coast, where we enjoyed the rest of the day swimming in the ocean.
On the 15th we traveled to a remote village to install another cistern. After driving on a small road, then a trail, we finally got to the point that we had to park the vehicle. We walked the rest of the way to the village, our destination, which took about twenty minutes. While we were installing the cistern a crowd gathered around just to watch us work, so Karen seeing an opportunity to share the gospel sat down and started talking to them about Jesus. It was so neat to be able to help the community and spread the gospel at the same time. The women in these villages often have to walk for miles to find water sources, so being a part of putting a cistern in for them is a great feeling of accomplishment.
While in Haiti, I was privileged to spend some time visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Wallace and Eleanor Turnball who were ministering in Haiti when we lived there. They have retired and left Haiti after spending 58 years there serving Christ.
Time flies when you are working and having fun with other friends in Christ. It is always amazing to see God work through the team to accomplish His will and to glorify Him. Before I knew it I was on the plane on my way home. Thanks to everyone who kept me in their prayers during my trip!
In Mexico, the boys in the colonial are enjoying time in the Carpenter shop with Brother Tancho. We are so grateful that this shop is now being used daily. While in Nava, Kenny was able to work along side the boys in the shop, while Sara spent some time in the Dorcas house with the ladies.
~ Praise & Prayer Requests ~
We praise the Lord that the carpenter shop is having a Godly impact on the boys in the colonial!
Please pray for Debbi and Kenny as they are with a group from Pastor Isidro's church on a mission trip in San Luis Potosi Mexico.
Please continue to pray with us for funds to complete the work on Tancho's and Julio's homes.
We are grateful to be your representative in Haiti and Mexico. May God pour His blessings on you and your families.
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family