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June 2008
Dear Friends in Christ,
June has been a great blessing for our family. We spent some much needed time relaxing and enjoying ourselves on a family vacation. The time was a big boost for each of us, physically and emotionally. Most of our time was spent outside enjoying the beauty of God's creation, which is truly amazing. We praise the Father for making it all possible! We returned home to our work feeling encouraged in the Lord.
Though we were away for part of the month, we still had many projects in motion. The John 3:16 Feeding Program is doing well. We took Paulina shopping to restock for another month of feeding children. Nava is experiencing grocery costs skyrocketing just as many of us are noticing here in the states. Thank you for your love and concern for the children in this feeding program. They always show us their appreciation for the meals provided for them.
Sara was able to take more sewing projects to the women who work in the Dorcas House Ministry. They stay busy with lots of dresses and now back-packs, which they are sewing for a local retail company. This extra income for a Mexican family can make a big difference and the ladies are grateful for the work.
Kenny had the opportunity to check up on the cows at the ranch. We now have a new baby heifer to add to OSM's small herd. The cows are doing well and producing a little milk. This helps to pay for their feed and allows Antonio (Sister Fini's brother) to milk them twice daily. Pastor Santos and Fini have been witnessing to Antonio for years now, hoping to see him give his life to Christ. After working with him on the ranch, he has become special to Kenny also. Kenny looks forward to the day that he can call Antonio his Brother in the Lord. Please pray for a softening of Antonio's heart to the gospel.
The Carpenter House Ministry, headed up by Toncho, is busier with school being out for the summer. Kenny spent some time with the boys and Toncho while they were working. Toncho has the Carpenter House open each day with a time for Bible study and small wood working projects. We are excited about the potential outreach this could have with the fathers and sons in the colonia and eventually reaching out to men in new areas as well.
~Prayer & Praise ~
Please be in prayer for Micah as he will be traveling to Haiti in July. Micah will be joining John Leininger to check on the O.S.M. schools, conduct V.B.S. with the children, install cisterns and work on an orphanage. We'll have a full report on the trip next month when he returns.
Sara is traveling as well. She went with friends of ours to England to help care for their sweet little ones during the trip. She's very excited about this opportunity. She will be returning home in mid-July. Please pray for her safe return.
There are some small projects left to complete in Julio's home such as windows, bathroom fixtures and stucco to name a few. If anyone would like to help finish up his home, the cost is +/- $750.
Toncho needs to finish his addition, which includes a wall, windows, and stucco. If anyone feels led to help Toncho, the cost will be about +/- $950.
Also please be in prayer for OSM's fixed monthly ministries and expenses. Today's spiraling costs are amplified in Mexico and Haiti. The feeding programs as well as the amount paid to our helpers are being stretched by the current inflation rate. During these times we must be much better at making financial decisions.
We are so grateful to each of you for your love, prayers and support to our family and ministry. May the Lord bless you in the month to come.
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family