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February 2008
Dear Friends in Christ,
Blessed be the Lord God, the God of Israel, who alone works wonders.
And Blessed be His glorious name forever,
and may the whole earth be filled with His glory.
~Psalm 72:18-19~
February has been a beautiful month for our family, filled with lots of encouraging blessings. The month began with all of us in Nava and is ending with Sara and Micah in Haiti and Kenny in Mexico. There was so much going on in Nava that when we came home to help Sara and Micah get ready for their trip, Kenny stayed to oversee several projects that we had hoped to finish.
Ken and Kenny were busy for a number of days trying to get the Juan 3:16 bus back in good running order. There were some electrical problems that needed attention. The transmission is crying out for help, and several other little areas demanded some time. We were able to repair the electrical problems, but the transmission is still in need of repair. Several windows also need to be replaced. The bus is used regularly to provide transportation for families to and from church services.
Our rental home in Nava has been an ongoing project, and is still in need of paint. We keep putting it on the "back burner" when we see so many other more urgent needs. We are once again working to get the stucco job completed properly. Kenny is now helping with and overseeing the project. He has a few men helping with some repairs on the roof and putting final touches on the stucco around the doors and windows. Hopefully, both of these jobs will be finished this week and we will get the house painted in March.
We had the privilege of meeting a really precious family this month, Ramiro and Maria who have a handicapped son named Jesús. Ken was almost in tears the whole visit as he walked around and saw so many needs. He was deeply moved by the courage and contentment of this family. Their son Jesús is 9 years old and is blind, mute, can't stand up and has seizures along with many physical and mental disabilities. When we arrived, Jesús was sitting in a large stroller outside with his parents. They were eating a warm meal of bean soup which had just come off their wood burning, outdoor stove. We walked around and looked at all the fruit trees and gardens Ramiro has planted on his small plot of land and we were very impressed with his agricultural skills and knowledge. Ken asked through Pastor Santos what their most important need would be. We listened as Ramiro and Maria talked back and forth, We thought they would say a new home, a car, a stove or one of many other very obvious needs. When we finally understood what they were requesting, it was medicine for Jesús. We could have cried. Here was a family who has already lost another son with the same medical problems and they only asked for medicine. Needless to say, OSM purchased the needed medicine for Jesús right away.
Some of you who have been on teams with us may remember a little boy named Pedro. Through God's provision we were able to build a home for him and his family. Pedro is now 17 and sadly he and his older brother Luis are living a very reckless and aimless life. Because they have been so near and dear to our hearts for so many years, we still feel a desire to reach out to them each time we go to Nava. They were left in their grandparents' care years ago. The boys' grandmother passed away about a year ago leaving them to their grandfather and father. Pedro's Uncle Jesús, who lives right next door, recently had a bad car accident and is still in the hospital. The hospital has certain specifications for him to be released to return home. Jesús and his wife, Aide need a roof for their small home. The hospital will not release him until the project is completed. They live in a 12x14' home with 3 children. Please be in prayer with us that God will provide the funds for us to help with this small project.
As we mentioned earlier, Sara and Micah are in Haiti as this newsletter goes out. They will be returning home on March 5th. We will report on their trip in the March newsletter. Thank you for your prayers in their behalf. Sara has already called to tell us of many needs for the schools, which have doubled in size since we began supporting them.
Thank you all for your love, prayers and support, without which nothing that we do would be possible. It means so much to us knowing that we have a strong and faithful group of prayer warriors interceding to the Father on our behalf!
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family