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December 2007
Dear Friends in Christ,
As December brought colder weather to many of you, we also saw the temperature drop significantly in Nava. This year your response to the need for heaters was tremendous, so far enabling us to bless close to 30 families with one just in time to combat the cold. Along with the heaters, we also distributed our annual December food packages to 60 families. Because jobs become even scarcer as the cold sets in, the brethren in Nava often struggle to find work to sustain their families, making the food especially important.
We enjoyed having Micah, Holly, Heidi, Hallie, and Joel Wean along to help us with this work. Heidi and Hallie added a lively touch to our efforts and enjoyed giving hugs to the parents, and trying to communicate with the children in each of the homes we visited. This also gave Micah and Holly a chance to work on their own Spanish skills as they taught Heidi a few basic Spanish phrases to use. Heidi was a quick learner and never missed an opportunity to enthusiastically greet people with, "Hola! Como estas?"
While delivering the food and heaters, Pastor Santos used every opportunity to pray with the sick, reach out to lost family members, and encourage as he saw need. Many of those we ministered to are already members of the three churches he pastors in Nava and it is always a great blessing to visit with them in their homes. One of the couples we visited was particularly special. Their home was no bigger than most of our living rooms, their cooking fire was out doors where they prepared all their meals regardless of weather, and one of their children was disabled and wheelchair-bound, yet they were content and grateful for what they had. They had even utilized every inch of their small yard by planting fruit trees and a vegetable garden. Seeing these exemplary families display such contentment with only basic necessities is always encouraging to us to be content with the abundance that God has given our family.
While in Mexico we checked in on Paulina to see how she and the children were doing. As always she expresses her appreciation for the funding of the feeding program. Sara also spent some time in the Dorcas House working on new sewing projects. This continues to go well and Sara has been able to sell almost everything they've sewn. Please keep these two projects in your prayers.
Every December, our family travels to Florida to see family and friends. When we returned home to San Antonio this time from our annual trip, John found an email awaiting him with instructions to prepare for a January 8 departure for Kuwait. He has a civilian job helping to provide security for the American military. Please pray for his safety, for a church or at least a Christian to fellowship with during his time there, and for the healing of some physical problems he has had since returning from Afghanistan. His contract is for a year, and then he will have to decide if he wants to stay longer or return home.
It's hard to believe that 2007 is already gone! What a privilege it has been for God to allow our family to serve Him as He has in Mexico and Haiti throughout this past year! God has had many new as well as old lessons to teach us and we are grateful that He has not given up on us. Thank you for facilitating this work and allowing us to serve. Our prayer is that these newsletters will enable you to see the many lives that have been touched through your prayers and financial support. May our merciful Father bless each of you, your homes, and families in the upcoming year.
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family