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November 2007
Dear Friends in Christ,
What a wonderful time of the year! We praise God for each opportunity He gives us to serve Him in Mexico and Haiti. It is a privilege to minister in the areas He has called us to work. Our family had a blessed Thanksgiving together as we celebrated God's faithfulness to each of us. We were excited to have Debbi's mother from Florida join us again for this special time of the year.
This month, we were blessed to begin passing out heaters and propane tanks to families from the Juan 3:16 and the Alpha Omega Churches. The families, none of which had any kind of heat for their homes, received the heaters just before a cold front came in Thanksgiving weekend. Many of these families, all of whom had children, live in cement homes which seem to be colder than wooden homes. The parents were especially grateful knowing how much the heaters will help protect their children from the very cold weather. At each home Pastor Santos took time to visit with and encourage them in the Lord, often praying for those who were suffering spiritually and physically.
Paulina again expressed her appreciation for the financial support which is supplying the food for about 25 children each day for lunch. This gives her wonderful opportunities to witness to the children as she reads from God's word and prays with them. Please pray for these children as most of them live in very difficult circumstances. We never know how God might impact the life of one of these children and grow them up to be mighty warriors in His kingdom.
Even though we are not able to visit the schools in Haiti, the feeding program is still going daily for Pastor Petty Noelle and Pastor Marc's schools. There are about 250 children who receive a noontime meal each school day thanks to your care and concern. As well as receiving the meal, these children are given a Christian education. The living conditions in Haiti are very harsh for the families of these children, so knowing their children are eating one good meal a day is a tremendous blessing. Thank you for the continued funding for this program; we covet your prayers for these families in Haiti.
The sewing ministry continues to keep Sara and the ladies from the church very busy. The time sewing together in the Dorcas House is a sweet time of fellowship as the ladies share with each other their struggles and encourage one another with God's Word.
Kenny has been working this month to update paperwork on the cows O.S.M. owns for the agriculture project. He spent some time with Pastor Santos getting medical history and information about each cow. Through this ag project he hopes to encourage fathers and sons in their relationships with one another as well as in their relationship with Christ.
We see these projects: heaters, meals, sewing and agriculture as tools to reach more people, in and out of the church, with the gospel. Most of the families in the colonia and many in the churches are dysfunctional and struggling with many problems besides poverty. Each of these projects give us and Pastor Santos, as well as Pastors Petty and Marc in Haiti, an opportunity to interact and have input into these families and point them to Jesus Christ as the answer for the empty spot in their hearts. Christ is the only reason for doing what we do in Haiti and in Mexico and we trust and pray that He is glorified in the ministry done in His Name.
Each of you are such a vital part in making this ministry happen. We are grateful for those of you who pray for us each month, for those who contribute financially, and those who support us in many other ways. May each of you walk with Christ daily and see the evidence of His love and blessing in your homes.
Blessings in Christ,
The Kennedy Family