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August 2007
Dear Friends in Christ,
We praise the Lord for His goodness and protection over our family as we were on the road a lot this month. While Kenny spent almost 3 weeks in Louisiana working with our friend and Brother in the Lord, Travis Morgan, on his family's dairy, others headed south to Nava.
Anytime Kenny can work on a successful dairy it's a special time for him. He worked with Travis learning with hands on experience the dairy farming business. Thank you Morgan family for the meals, time, and encouragement you invested in Kenny's life. He plans to take all that he has learned with him on the mission field.
It was a blessing to have Micah and Holly come to Nava with Heidi and Hallie. Heidi has learned to say "hello" and "how are you?" in Spanish. She was very open and receptive to the Mexican ladies who love to hug on babies and kiss and touch their faces. Micah and Holly had a chance to visit the Dorcas House where Sara was glad to have Holly's help. They also had a chance to visit their friends in the colonia. On Sunday they attended the worship service at the Juan 3:16 Church. We are grateful for the blessing that Micah and Holly continue to be to O.S.M. and our family.
Sara spent a lot of time at the Dorcas House with a couple of the sisters from the church again. The fall months will be extra busy for them as they try to meet deadlines and take on some new projects while keeping up with the Babz sewing ministry. Please continue to pray for them as the workload grows and as Sara works on legally importing their finished products.
While visiting with Pastor Santos and Sister Fini, we learned that many of the church families are struggling financially trying to get their children started in school again. Though most attend government schools, the supplies and uniforms add up, especially for large families. As many of you can understand, the men have jobs that only take care of the day-to-day family needs. When any extra expenses come along it hurts them financially.

When we hear that so many of our brothers and sisters are struggling it breaks our hearts. On faith we purchased $500 worth of groceries which made up 50 food bags or dispensias as they call them. It is always a blessing to go with Pastor Santos to deliver food bags as he will use every opportunity to witness Christ and pray with the families receiving the food. This time was no different. Often when we leave these families we are humbled by their tremendous gratitude for God's provision as they acknowledge that these are a gift from the Lord!

We shopped with Sister Paulina again to purchase supplies for this month's Juan 3:16 Feeding Program. She still has about 15-25 children attending daily, Monday through Friday. With tears in her eyes, she extends her appreciation to the supporters of O.S.M. for their help with feeding these precious little ones. Another small feeding program has begun at the Nueva Vida Church and thanks to you we were able to help with it in a small way. Although the Mexican government is subsidizing this feeding program, they had no funds to fill their propane tanks to cook the food, so we assisted in this area.
The feeding program for the two schools in Haiti has continued through the summer vacations; classes will start again this week. A special and very timely gift was sent this month for Haiti. Along with feeding the children we were able to help Lussade with his children's school tuition, as well as provide for Brigitta's birth sister, Wilda, to attend a trade school. Also, another year's rent was paid for on one of the school buildings. Please keep Pastor Mark and Pastor Peti-Noel in your prayers as they persevere in love for these children.
We praise the Lord for His wonderful provision through each of you. The families of about 250 Haitian children and about 60 Mexican families were touched in a very special way this month because of your love, prayers and support. We are often reminded of the words of our Savior, "Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me." Wow, what an awesome thought!! May He in turn bless each of you.
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family