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July 2007
Dear Friends in Christ,
The weather here in Texas as well as Mexico has been very unusual this summer. We have received a great deal of rain which has blessed us with weather cooler than any other July temperatures we have experienced in Nava. We thank the Lord for the extra water.
Our plan this month was to complete the stucco job on the house in Nava. The man we hired for the job told us he would be there the following morning. However, because of the weather and previous commitments, it took him 9 days to finally show up for work. In the meantime, Kenny and Micah spent time at the Ranch of Faith clearing brush and trees. The nice overcast weather allowed them to burn the brush as they cut it down. Each evening the boys would come home covered from head to toe with black soot, but they enjoyed the hard work.
Pastor Santos and Fini had their yearly summer Bible School this month for the three churches they pastor in Nava. Sara was blessed to again be a part of this fun event. She assisted Sister Fini with her class and helped out with the crafts and artwork decorations. This year the Bible School theme was Jesus the Teacher. The children heard a different parable of Jesus each day and were taught how they can apply the parables to their lives. The V.B.S. lasted a week and was attended by approximately 190 children.
This week Pastor Santos and Fini celebrated their 28th wedding anniversary. They continue to work as a team, always pouring their hearts into the families of the church as well as those who don't attend the church. The needs in the colonia are endless, often overwhelming, yet they go out there almost daily to help when and where they can. Fini leads ladies' Bible studies and Pastor Santos never misses an opportunity to point someone to Christ. Because of his past, he is never intimidated to talk to anyone about receiving Christ into their lives. They have challenged us in many ways in our Christian walk and we feel privileged to have them as our dear friends.
It is always a blessing to spend time with Sister Paulina who is heading up the Juan 3:16 feeding program. She is such a precious woman, very humble and giving to others, yet with many needs in her own home. She cried as she talked to us about the children and how grateful she is for the financial help that some of you have supplied. We took Paulina and met Pastor Santos to purchase large quantities of food from a warehouse in Morellas. She was able to buy enough to take care of the food needs for a month. We are very grateful to you for your prayers on her behalf and for those who generously donated towards this project. We hope to continue supporting this effort through the Juan 3:16 church to give a nice meal daily. This is done Monday through Friday for children whose parents are just not able to provide for all the needs of their families.

Below are testimonies from two grateful children:

Hi I am Yenisse (Jenny), I am 7 years old, I have a 4 year old brother and another one that is about to be born. We have a house that God blessed us with. I am very grateful to the Lord because He has mercy with us. Thanks to Him we now have a kitchen that when we are most in need gives us good food. Thanks to God for the life of my Grandma, that she is a good Christian and with a great heart she prepares the food. She also teaches us the word of God and how to behave well. We eat there and know the lives and experiences of other children and their needs. We are all very content there because God is working in our kitchen and in our lives. Thank you to the ministries that are helping with the food, God sent blessings to all. God bless you today and always! Jenny~
Hi my name is Jose, I'm a boy full of blessings. Thanks to God I have 2 little brothers and a sister. We give much thanks to God that He has sent a ministry that apart from giving us food gives us the Word. My Dad doesn't have a stable job, but thanks to God we haven't lacked the beans and tortillas that my Mom makes.
Psalm 91:2 I will say to the Lord, "My refuge and my fortress, My God, in whom I trust!" Jose~
We are once again very grateful to each of you for your prayers and financial support which allows us this wonderful privilege to work in Mexico and Haiti. Many of you will get to meet these precious Brothers and Sisters in Heaven and they will express their appreciation for the love, prayers, and giving that you have done on their behalf. May our wonderful Father pour His blessings into your lives as you pour into the lives of others.
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family