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April 2007
Dear Friends in Christ,
"And the one on whom seed was sown on the good ground, this is the man who hears the word and understands it; who indeed bears fruit, and brings forth, some a hundredfold, some sixty, and some thirty." (Matthew 13:23)
What a privilege to share the gospel with our friends in Nava; this month provided a wonderful opportunity!
Kenny was blessed to spend several days teaching and working with boys ages 8-11 out on Pastor Santos? ranch. Each day after school the boys would go to the ranch and spend the afternoon working on a garden with Kenny. He taught them how to prepare the ground, form rows, and plant seeds. He compared this work to our spiritual lives, sharing with them from the ?Parable of the Sower? and explaining how they can apply this to their own lives. The boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves on the ranch with Kenny and Pastor Santos.
One of the little guys, Edgar, while playing in the bamboo (which was off limits) somehow lodged a 6? piece of bamboo up his leg. Pastor Santos and Kenny rushed him to the E.R. to have it removed. Edgar was truly sorry for the mishap and worried that Kenny would be upset with him, but Kenny assured him that he wasn?t mad and that it would be okay. After a small operation and several stitches Edgar was fine. We thank the Lord for His protection and mercy, as this could have been so much worse!!
On Thursday evening, Kenny invited the fathers of the boys to come out to the garden site and see the work that their sons had done. Kenny was able to share Psalm 127 with them. He encouraged them in what a blessing their sons are and should be to them. He spoke on how much time and communication it takes to carve their arrows properly so that when they shoot them out in life, they will be ready to walk in a Godly manner. He told them that God is still carving on him through his father so that when he is released, he hopes to be ready to meet life?s challenges. The men were very grateful for the time Kenny had spent with the boys. The day ended with a cookout and fun fellowship.
While Kenny was busy with the boys, Sara and several sisters from the church were working hard in the ?Dorcas House?  sewing lots of new dresses. One of our pastors, Doug Phillips, put a post of the sewing ministry and Sara?s blog on his blog. Things got really busy after that as orders started pouring in for colonial dresses for the Jamestown 400th Anniversary Celebration this June. She sold out of most of her dresses and went back to Nava to have more made to try to keep up with the orders. We were grateful for the boost to the ?Babz dresses? that Sara has been designing and having made by Sisters from the Juan 3:16 Church in Nava. (Sara got the name of her dresses from Shelby whose nickname was Babz.) The group of seamstresses were excited to complete 30 beautiful new dresses to sell. What a busy time at the ?Dorcas House?!
The week would not have been complete had we missed the opportunity to share a special word with the ladies who were sewing with Sara and some of the other women of the colonia. Sister Fini, Pastor Santos? wife, has a ladies? Bible study on Tuesday afternoons each week. Debbi was happy to go and share a word of encouragement with the 30-35 women who attended. Reading part of Proverbs 31, she shared that some of these women who are working in the ?Dorcas House? are doing exactly what this chapter talks about. They are helping their own families financially and are also a blessing to many families in the U.S. by providing modest clothing for their daughters. The ladies had a very sweet time together.
Please pray for Sara, Kenny, and Micah this month as they will be returning to Haiti. It has been a dream of Kenny?s to go out from the area where we used to live, and hike in some remote mountains doing some medical work and evangelism along the way. They will be joined by a few friends and led by David Bustin who took Ken on this same hike in 1996. Kenny and Shelby had often talked of doing this hike together and with this month being 2 years since Shelby went Home, Kenny is very excited that this is going to happen. While in Haiti they will have a few days to visit the schools and hope to have Bible School for the children. Also, please pray with us that the Lord would provide extra finances for this trip, as it will pull some of the money from Shelby?s Memorial Fund, which has been financing the 2 school?s feeding programs. Our family hopes to keep the feeding programs going in Haiti, because it was started by Shelby, who had such a love for the Haitian people. Both schools are directed by personal friends of ours who are fine Christian pastors.
We trust that each of you have had an encouraging month in the Lord. May He bless each of you as your prayers and support allow us to share with the people of Haiti and Mexico.
Blessings in Christ,
The Kennedy Family