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March 2007
Dear Friends in Christ,
Praise the Lord for Spring! As Mexico receives some rain, the grass is turning green again and flower gardens are blooming.
This month, we were able to give away more bunk beds. The beds were given to families who attend the Juan 3:16 Church. We will tell you about two families you have read about before.  Marzo and Veronica live in the Nuevo Imagine colonia and minister to the families there. Veronica continues teaching people who have ?fallen through the cracks? with the Mexican school system. The two of them also lead the music ministry at the Juan 3:16 Church. Their two sons were very excited to get their own beds!! Jose and Elia are ministry leaders at the Juan 3:16 Church. Their two teenage daughters had been sharing a single size bed and their son slept on the couch, this bunk bed was an answer to prayers for them.
Kenny was able to help Pastor Santos in the care of the dairy cows. Pastor Santos is always trying to grow as much of his own feed as the weather will permit, so he and Kenny planted a field of grass for the cows. Kenny loves to work on the dairy as often as possible and help with the care of the cows that belong to O.S.M. He looks forward to one day having enough cows to employ a few men who can be discipled and work in a Christian environment while supporting their families. Working with Pastor Santos gives him much needed experience for part of his vision in ministry.
While Kenny was busy on a tractor, Sara was busy at the ?Dorcas House?. She spent the first few days helping Sister Fini and a few of the church sisters sew some dresses that they will be selling in Mexico. It is the desire of these women to try their hands at a few business ideas, making and selling dresses in the Nava area is one of them. Sara happened to have some fabric with her that had been donated by some friends. This was all they needed to get the project going. Sara continues her sewing ministry and enjoys anytime she can spend in the Dorcas House with the sisters from the Juan 3:16 church. She was able to pick up completed projects from last month as well as leave them with more work for the following weeks.
During the end of their stay, Kenny and Sara were greatly blessed to have friends of ours, Peter and Kelly Bradrick, join them in Nava over the weekend. Peter works with Vision Forum and they are expecting their first baby in July.
Through your gifts, and with the help of church members, food was purchased and bagged for at least 50 families. With Pastor Santos leading the way, Peter and Kelly joined Sara and Kenny in delivering several of these bags to the homes of church members. Working past dark they were not able to make all the deliveries, but Pastor Santos gladly finished the job over the next few days. At each stop time is spent with the families encouraging  them in their different situations. Pastor Santos shared with us that this is a very hard time in Mexico, jobs are hard to find and pay is meager. Even for many who have jobs and work hard, the pay is not enough for them to sufficiently provide for their families. Many of the men in the Juan 3:16 church are struggling to put food on the table. They were very grateful for the help and encouragement.
Before Kenny and Sara returned home from Mexico, Debbi and I left to go see James graduate from ?Stinger Missile Training?.  While at Ft. Bliss, El Paso, TX we were actually allowed to watch James shoot down a flying drone. His instructors told the class that more than likely the one missile they shot during training would be the only one they would ever shoot. We were blessed to meet his main instructor, Dr. Sterling McClennon. ?Doc? is retired Army after 22 years and an active Baptist Pastor. James said he was a great instructor as well as a  fine Christian man that treated them all with respect. After his graduation, James was assigned his permanent duty station. He will receive one more week of specialized training at Ft. Bliss then he will join our son John at Ft. Bragg, N.C.  Thank you for keeping John and James in your prayers.
Our family greatly appreciates your love and prayers in our behalf.  May each of you know and feel the love of our wonderful Father in your lives.
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family