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December 2006
Dear Friends in Christ,
This month Sara and Kenny traveled to Mexico to purchase and deliver heaters. With the help of Pastor Santos, they installed 5 heaters for different families in Nava. We are grateful to those of you who helped sponsor this project. Many families burn coal on open trays on the floor of their homes or build outside fires to provide heat. This is not only a poor source of heating but also a safety hazard for the traffic of little children running in and out of the house.  Sara was also able to check on the sewing projects, picking up finished items and dropping off new work to be done.
Our sons John and James came home to join us for the holidays. It was a blessing spending time with them again. John just returned the middle of December from Afghanistan. He is currently stationed in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. James is still in Fort Sill, Oklahoma, and he will be having knee surgery in the next few weeks. Please remember to keep them both in your prayers.
The Lord was so good to us this year and we are grateful to Him for the many blessings He bestowed upon us through each of you! We are looking forward to another year serving Him through OSM!
"O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is Your name in all the earth, who have displayed Your splendor above the heavens!" Psalm 8:1
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family
January~ God provided for us to purchase and deliver a commercial refrigerator and steam serving table to Calvary Baptist Church in Slidell, Louisiana, as well as a ventilation hood to a camp in Waveland, Mississippi. Also, a heater was delivered to a family in Nava and four work tables given to the Juan 3:16 Church kindergarten.
February~ We traveled to Louisiana again to pick up close to 150 donated school desks for the kindergarten in Nava. After returning from Louisiana, we headed to Mexico to deliver the desks to excited new recipients!
March~ Our family went to Baratillo, Mexico to visit friends Mike & Pam Richardson. While there we were able to assist them with small building projects their ministry is working on. Afterwards we returned to Nava and contracted a well driller to drill on OSM's property in Nava.
April~ Urgent maintenance and repairs were done on the old church bus. We also had the opportunity to host a Bible study and prayer time serving dinner to brothers and sisters from the Juan 3:16 Church in Nava.
May~ The Lord was gracious to provide finances for us to help Julius Ceasar add a section onto his house. He also provided for us to deliver an air compressor to a family to help them start a father/son business. Ken's Dad went to be with the Lord almost exactly a year after Shelby left us. We visited loved ones in Florida with Pastor Santos for the memorial service.
June~ Our granddaughter Hallie Kate Wakefield was born! We helped install a windmill on the Ranch of Faith. Friends in Duncan, Oklahoma invited us to come and learn more about goats and cheese making for agriculture projects in Mexico.
July~ We picked up church pews donated by Calvary Baptist Church, and delivered them to Nava for the Juan 3:16 Church & the Vida Nueva Church.
August~ Sara, Kenny, Micah & Gita Joy assisted with two Vacation Bible Schools held by Santos & Fini. Piglets were given to a few families to raise and help financially. We hosted a sewing class for about 10 ladies taught by Sara. Our son James joined the military.
September~ We made another trip to the Richardsons in Baratillo, Mexico. Ken and Kenny were able to help Mike with electrical work on his house. While there we purchased 30 bushels of apples to take to Nava. After returning we hosted Jimmy & Jean Wales from Franklinton, Louisiana in Nava as they taught a jelly making class to a group of eager students.
October~ We hosted a small team to remodel a weathered home we constructed in 2001 for a new family to live in. Our son James graduated from boot camp.
November~ Cabinets were installed in the newly remodeled home. We also distributed warm blankets and Bibles to several needy families and children. The blankets and Bibles were packaged and donated by children from North Hills United Methodist Church of San Antonio, Texas.
December~ 5 heaters were delivered and installed to families in Nava.
Praise the Lord for His blessings in 2006!