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July 2006
How blessed is he who considers the helpless;
The Lord will deliver him in a day of trouble. - Ps. 41:1
Dear Friends in Christ,
We are truly grateful to our dear friends of Calvary Baptist Church in Slidell, Louisiana. Our family met Pastor Starnes as he was working in ankle deep mud inside his church just after Hurricane Katrina. With more opportunities to visit, we have come to know quite a few members of this precious fellowship. They have reached out in love, even though they have gone through such adversity in their homes and church. Many church families had to relocate temporarily, some have returned but many have not. With the Lord's help their Christian School has reopened with a full lunch being served daily. With each visit we see the church and class rooms looking closer to completion. In spite of many needs in their own lives, they have donated 2 full trailer loads of supplies to their Brothers and Sisters in Nava. God is so good!!
This month we traveled to Slidell and loaded the second trailer full of supplies. The Slidell Brethren helped us load church pews, benches, 3 large stainless steel sinks and a beautiful pulpit. As soon as our son Kenny arrived home with the trailer, he was off the next day to meet Pastor Santos at the border to negotiate taxes and deliver the load into Mexico. We praise the Lord that the same day he arrived at the border, the taxes were paid and the load made it through with very little difficulty. It was then delivered to the Juan 3:16 Church for temporary storage. Eventually it will be taken to a sister church, Vida Nueva (New Life) in Vida Nueva Imagen, a small colonia near the Juan 3:16 Church. We hope to have pictures of the pews set up in their final destination in the August newsletter. All of this has been very encouraging to Pastor Santos, Sister Fini, and the members of the Nava churches. The Vida Nueva church meets under a tin roof which shelters them from the blazing summer sun, but has no walls yet. The idea of pews and a pulpit are a great blessing to them!
Continuing this month, the Mexican Sisters have been doing beautiful hand embroidery, sewing skirts, and many other assorted sewing projects to supplement their family income. These projects have supplied much needed income to purchase food for their families as the husbands are not able to find full time employment. The Dorcas House is finally being used in a way that we had hoped one day it would be. Please pray with us that Sara can continue to get the items these Sisters sew over the border with no problems.
While down for a visit, Sara took a letter and some pictures from dear friends of ours in Florida and translated it for Julius Ceasar, his wife Adrianna and their family. The Lord laid it on their hearts to donate funds specifically for Julius Ceasar to finish his home. This has come at a very special time for Julius' family, as we have just learned that the Lord is blessing them with another child. It has been exciting to watch Julius accomplishing more on his home each time we go to Nava. Lord willing we hope to soon purchase a pick up truck and portable welder so he can use the skills God has given him to better provide for his family.
In the past we asked you to pray that Pastor Santos could acquire another tractor for his many agriculture endeavors, his older one is worn out and the engine has finally expired. We wanted you to see the tractor which he recently purchased, a 1960 Oliver, diesel. It has a lot of hours on it, far from new, yet we hope that he will receive a lot of service from this piece of equipment. Kenny and Micah spent some time this month helping Pastor with his heavy farming workload. They always enjoy their time with Pastor Santos and are gaining ground with their Spanish as a result of this time together.
Two calves were added to OSM's "herd" this month, bringing the grand total to seven! The first one was a bull and the second a heifer! We are excited about these new additions, especially the heifer.
We thank the Lord for each of you, making mention of you often in our prayers. Thank you for allowing our family to work in Mexico and Haiti in your behalf. It is an honor and a privilege to work with Lussade and his family, Pastor Santos, his wife Fini and the Brothers and Sisters of the Juan 3:16 Church. Please continue to hold our family up in your prayers, asking that we go where and when the Lord wants us to go, and do what He has for us. May He pour out His blessings over your lives.
Because Christ Lives,
The Kennedy Family