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June 2006
Dear Friends in Christ,
We are so happy to announce the arrival of yet another precious gift from our Heavenly Father, Hallie Kate Wakefield. She was born June 4th, weighed 8 pounds and was in perfect health, praise the Lord!! Holly did great delivering Hallie and has bounced back into a daily routine with 2 little helpers now. She and Micah are grateful for your prayers in their behalf.
The day after Hallie was born we headed for Duncan, Oklahoma where we met some dear friends, Tana McCarter and her family, to learn about raising goats. We arrived 2 days ahead of Tana so that we could attend a class on cheese making. It was a very interesting class taught by Dr. Steve Zang of Langston University in Oklahoma. He used goat and cow's milk to demonstrate making a number of different cheeses. We now know we need a lot of practice, yet we are eager to begin making cheese in Nava. After a few days with Tana and her children, they showed us that there is a lot of work in caring for goats. We have much to learn about feeding, milking, cheese and soap making, and caring for a small goat herd. The reason we are trying to gain some knowledge and hopefully a little experience, is that Tana and her family have been interested in helping O.S.M. raise dairy goats in Mexico for the people in the colonia. There are all sorts of neat things that we could do with goats. The people of the colonia could help milk them and use the milk for their families or sell it. They could make cheese that is not currently being made in their area, such as cheddar or mozzarella. There are some folks in Nava who already make a type of soft goat cheese and we would not want to compete with them, so we would make different types of cheeses. The male goats that are born would be raised for meat, which the Mexican people enjoy. As we can, we hope to fence a couple of acres on the ranch so that we can get a goat project started. We are excited to see some products made and used or sold by our friends in the colonia. What a blessing these animals could be for our Brothers and Sisters in Nava!!
After a week in Oklahoma, we came home to host our wonderful friends, the Richardson family. You may remember they are missionaries in Baratillo, Mexico that we were blessed to spend a week with this past March. We were happy to have them come and visit us on the ranch. The Richardsons were in the States for some doctor appointments and for some general repairs on their van. Their 6 children helped entertain our children, going fishing and swimming in the river close by. We all stayed busy from morning to night. They brought us the good news that Mario, has given his heart to Jesus. We asked that you be in prayer for his salvation in our March newsletter. This is very exciting news, we praise the Lord for another servant of the cross!!
FINALLY, after weeks of delay because of fire, the Florida trip, ect. we have a windmill at the 'Ranch of Faith' to provide much needed water for the agriculture projects. It was quite a sight to watch the windmill being built on the ground then hoisted up and set on the concrete pad that was ready and waiting. While Kenny and Micah were busy at the ranch, Sara and Brigitta picked up some finished skirts which the ladies in the colonia had sewn. They also had lots of embroidery projects completed. Sara went down with more materials for the Sisters to continue sewing. It has proven to be a very helpful job for many of these ladies as they are able to help supplement their family income while staying at home or working in the Dorcas House close by.
We are also proud to announce the arrival of 2 new dairy cows to the already existing herd of 3 that O.S.M. owns. The cows cost about $900 each, if anyone feels led in helping with this project, it would be a blessing.  Kenny's desire is to have a small dairy for many of the same reasons we spoke of getting goats. He is excited about helping provide more work opportunities for the men in Nava.
School is now out for the summer in Haiti. Both Pastors indicated that the year went well. Our desire is to have some of our family go to Haiti this year when school begins again. We had waited until we had the go-ahead from other missionaries that it was safe to return and we understand that now it is as safe as it has ever been there. We are looking forward to checking on the schools and seeing the children. Haitian children are so precious and always have a warm welcoming for us. Going to Haiti is always a high-light for our family, please pray with us for the right time to go down.
As we come to the end of the month we want each of you to know how grateful we are for the kind notes and cards that many of you sent to encourage us. We are grateful for your love and prayers, your financial support and your friendship in Christ. We look forward to the day when we will have more time to fellowship and talk to each of you in person about the work in Nava that God has allowed you and our family to do together. In Heaven we will have time to spend worshipping our Heavenly Father, talking to Jesus and visiting with one another. Won't it be exciting to meet and talk with many of these people who you have had an influence in their lives? As children of our loving Father we have so much to look forward to and eternity to spend doing it all!!
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family