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April 2006
Dear Friends in Christ,
Our time in Mexico was wonderful this month. We were able to work on several different projects.
Ken spent most of his time doing much needed maintenance and repairs on the old church bus. The Ôbus ministryÕ is an important part of the Juan 3:16 church. The bus makes rounds to neighboring colonials providing transportation for families, young children and the elderly, to the churchÕs many weekly functions. Sometimes they have even used it for an extra room for their Sunday School classes, and in cold or stormy weather families have slept in it, as it is a safer place than their patchwork homes. The bus is multi-functional tool put to great use by the church. ItÕs been quite awhile since it has received any Ôtender loving careÕ, but with two new tires, some new parts and tweaking of some old parts, the bus is able to continue making itÕs rounds. In May, we hope to continue the work and paint the roof.
Sara and Gita Joy used this time in Mexico to work with the ladies involved in her sewing projects. They completed several little jumpers to bring back home and sell. This outlet of ministry has helped support several little families in Nava. The mothers are able to bring their children with them to the Dorcas House to work, some of them are even doing embroidery work from their homes.
The boys spent a lot of time working on the ÔRanch of FaithÕ. There are several jobs that need to be done to prepare the property for the agriculture projects which we hope to do in the future. They spent numerous hours clearing brush and shrubs off the property.
One of the most encouraging things that took place during our visit was having some brothers and sisters from the Juan 3:16 Church to our home for dinner. After a small Bible study and the meal, we shared our hearts with them about what the Lord has been doing in our lives over the past year and a half. We explained that we are at a cross-road in what direction God wants us to go with O.S.M. For now we have been concentrating on the property so that we can minister to families and children by doing agriculture projects. One of the men in the group told us that they had been praying for agriculture opportunities for the people in the church. It was exciting to hear that they were very interested in the same ideas that we have been praying about. After finishing the encouraging time of sharing, we divided into groups and the couples cried out to God in our behalf and in behalf of O.S.M. The outcome of the evening was a gift from the Lord! His hand was obviously on the meeting and we praise His name for the response we received! We are excited to move forward with this group of brothers and sisters in Christ, with a similar vision for our future together.
We were blessed this month to visit the camp in Waveland, Ms. You may remember we have been able to assist them with commercial kitchen equipment. They now have an official name and website. Ôwww.PowerofPrayerMs.orgÕ
Dave and Linda DeRouen have been working hard to prepare the camp for Christian groups to come and have a base to work from while ministering to the many devastating needs from Katrina. It was a blessing to see all of the equipment we had delivered installed and being put to use. They have had several groups come through already, one even as large as 100 people.
Dave and Linda shared a story of a couple they are ministering to, John and Anne Winslow, who lost everything they owned to Katrina. Anne is in the late stages of a fatal lung disease, (COPD). She told Linda ÒI donÕt want to die in a FEMA trailerÓ. John and Anne used all the money they had in savings to buy foundation beams and framing material to start the rebuilding of their home. Now, Power of Prayer Ministries is helping the Winslows with labor and materials to aid with the completion of their home. As a result of the love shown to the Winslows by many Christian volunteers, Linda was able to lead Anne to Christ. John and Anne, along with their son and his family are now attending weekly Bible studies at the camp receiving discipleship training. God, through His people, is doing a great work in Waveland, Mississippi!
Our son John was home this month for a 2 week visit. He had many stories to tell and pictures to show. John will be in Afghanistan another 7 months before returning to the States. Please keep him in your prayers as he continues to be a witness to the men he is serving with.
Thank you for your prayers, love and financial support, without these we could not go or do. Our merciful, gracious Father is the link between each of us and we are grateful to Him for ALL that He does for us. He is alive, well and worthy of our honor and praise. May each of you know and feel His presence in your lives!
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family