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February 2006
Dear Friends in Christ,
We started our month out with a trip to Louisiana. Kenny and James spent two weeks working on a family run dairy in Franklinton. It was a great experience for the boys. Kenny really enjoys doing any type of agriculture projects, so he was especially thrilled with the opportunity. James spent most of his time helping clear remaining debris from Katrina with the Wales family. He enjoyed getting to know Mr. Wales better and was even able to help him make his special recipe of homemade jellies and jams. Giving away these excellent jellies and jams has become quite a ministry for the Wales family.
Kenny split his time between repairing approximately one mile of damaged fencing from the hurricane and helping milk cows. The dairy milks around 150 cows twice a day. One milking is at 3:00am and the other 3:00pm.
Before leaving Louisiana we visited the church in Slidell who generously donated many school desks for Paco's school in Nava. The men in the church helped us pack our trailer with close to 150 chairs, desks, and a table. Thank you Calvary Baptist Church for your kindness!
After returning from Louisiana we headed down to Mexico. Some of the men in the colonia and a few students excitedly helped unload and dust down their new desks! They have already begun using the desks for the adult's and children's Sunday school classes.
God has allowed O.S.M. to continue to help Pastor Santos with a worker who facilitates him with his many ministries to the Nava Colonias. We are also able to support the Juan 3:16 bus ministry by providing $100 a month for fuel. Finances for other projects are provided monthly as well.
We were blessed by the opportunity to rent our house in Nava for another year thanks to you, our supporters. Work slowly progresses on the O.S.M. property near Nava with clearing fence lines and fence repairs. Pastor Santos plans to eventually put goats on the property to help clear the heavy brush.
Please continue to pray for Pastor Santos and family. The word no, is not in Santos' vocabulary. Friday is the only free night of the week Santos and Fini have together for their family. Every other night is filled with some sort of Bible study or church function. He makes us tired just watching!
Haiti work continues with support for Lussade and his family. Lussade administrates the distribution of food for Pastor Petite Noel's school in Petion-ville and Pastor Mark's school in Bolose. The two schools have a combined total of around 300 children that receive nutritious meals through Shelby's Memorial Haiti fund.
The prayer web site that was set up for Shelby during her battle has been down most of January because of a computer server problem. After Shelby left us, our brothers and sisters in Christ continued to use the site to pray for our family and O.S.M. This has been most encouraging to us. We have been so blessed by this, that we want to continue the web prayer site. Soon it will be changed to a prayer site for O.S.M. and our family. We hope the prayer site will be used for prayer and interceding on a daily basis.
The Lord has been so good to provide us with a faithful league of friends, financial supporters and prayer intercessors through each of you!
We are very grateful for your love and prayers in our behalf!
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family