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October 2005
Dear Friends in Christ,
How majestic is the name of the Lord! He has been so good to us in many ways this month.
Our daughter Sara was in Mexico the end of September. She enjoyed time in the Dorcas house helping ladies with sewing projects and sewing for little friends. She’s also experimenting in providing work for some ladies in doing hand embroidery for a sewing business. While there she was blessed to share at a youth meeting as well. Sara made another trip down in October with Debbi and Brigitta. They checked on the sewing projects and delivered food packages to a couple of families.
Kenny was also in Mexico for awhile this month helping Pastor Santos with some agricultural projects. Kenny has a heart to work with young men through agriculture. His desire is to help the young men focus on the Lord and learn to provide for their families some day.
Pastor Santos celebrated his 46th birthday this month. We are grateful the Lord brought him into our lives, and for another year of working with him!
Paco, Pastor Santos’ son has started a Christian preschool and kindergarten in Nava. He’s enjoying teaching more than a dozen children using character and Bible lessons. We have been researching to help Paco, by providing a curriculum for him to teach.
The Kennedy and Sweet families spent some time working together in Louisiana this month. The Kennedys met up with Dana and Abe Sweet and helped a few families re-shingle their roofs from the hurricane. Sara and the boys have never worked with shingles so this was a new and fun learning experience for them. Dana has done shingling in the past so he was able to give direction.
Sara and the boys camped out with Dana and Abe in the classrooms of a local Church in Golden Meadow, Louisiana, ’Lafourche Gospel Church’. The people there were very hospitable, providing several meals and making sure everyone was comfortably lodged. Dwayne Malone, an assistant pastor, helped with the project by making sure we had all of the necessary supplies to complete the roof. Each day began early and the group worked till about 6:30 p.m.
The first roof was quite a challenge, the home had been added onto several times , so there were many ridges and valleys. The children were grateful for the opportunity to get to shingle a roof, the roofs we build in Mexico are metal, so the whole project was great fun to them.
Each of the children were amazed by the devastation which they saw while in Louisiana. Even Brigitta, totally unprompted, wrote a paper on how she felt it would be years before the people who had lost homes would be able to get back to a normal life. It is quite different to be there in person, and rather than seeing just one home destroyed, as in pictures, but to do a 360 degree turn and see homes and trees demolished in every direction. Trees are twisted and gone, homes are reduced to a pile of rubble.
We went to the home of some new friends in Franklinton, La., Travis and Carol Ann Morgan. Their 4 year old son went on and on about “a twee fell on number 242”. He held up his arm to show us a visual image of a tree falling. After talking to his Mom, she explained that they had lost a dairy cow (cow # 242) in the storm when a tree fell and killed it. In their area there was quite a bit of wind damage and their farm lost 270 trees. It’s very hard to take it all in.
Some of the boys enjoyed an afternoon of helping Travis Morgan at milking time. They milked about 10 cows at a time, about 80 cows all together. This, of course, was with the help of an automatic milking machine and some men who knew what they were doing. The experience was especially good for Kenny as he would like to possibly work with dairy cows one day. His day there went much better than trying to milk Pastor Santos’ cows by hand, when he had no idea what he was doing and no one to tell him how to do it. Those poor cows!
Sweet Field Report~
Hi Friends,
The month has flown by like the wind. As we reflect on these rapidly passing days, I’m reminded of the verse that tells us to “redeem the time” Eph 5:16. What a challenge that becomes as we meet each day that the Lord gives us!
The Juan 3:16 Church was the recipient of another new building constructed on a new piece of property where they meet on Sunday mornings. A fine group of men from the San Antonio, TX area came in and put it up in one fast and furious day!
Please continue to pray that the Lord shows us His will as we try to meet many needs.
In Christ,
The Sweets
Many of you may remember in the past years we have tried to provide heaters for families who are lacking. We would like to try to do that again this year. The cold months always seem to be an especially hard and trying time financially on the families in Nava. Many families do not have heat, instead they burn charcoal or small pans of wood to keep their houses warm. Let us know if you would like to help a family this winter by providing a heater for them. The cost of each heater with a propane tank is $300.
Once again we praise the Lord for the things He has allowed us to do this month. We do feel that we are your extension to the people we minister to. We understand that without your love, prayers, encouragement and support we would not be able to work as we do. It is a privilege to serve our loving Father, thank you so much for your part in helping us serve Him.
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family