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March 2005
Dear Friends in Christ,
Our beautiful granddaughter, Heidi Summer Wakefield was born on March 9th. Holly and Micah are doing well, getting used to life with a sweet little baby. The rest of us can't get enough hugs and kisses (a downfall of a large family, we have to share with so many others:-) but we have a long time to work on that problem. We truly thank our Father for such a precious gift, she has already brought us great joy!!
The Lord blessed Kenny with the opportunity to join an evangelism team to Piedras Negras this month. He accompanied family friend Dexter Burgess, and a group from Dunlap, Tennessee. Being able to help with interpreting was a real stretch for Kenny. It was an enjoyable time for him and the group said he was a big help.
As the team headed north to Tennessee, Kenny went a little further south in Mexico and spent a week with Pastor Santos and Fini. He helped them on their ranch in Rio Bravo, spending time with Fini's brother Antonio, who works at Santos' dairy. Working together gave Kenny a real heart for Antonio and his family, he came home with ideas to help minister to them in the future. He looks forward to returning and once again working with Pastor Santos as soon as he can.
Our dear friend, Maggie Thompson, from New Mexico blessed Shelby with a visit this month. It was perfect timing because Debbi and Sara were both severely sick with the flu. Maggie and Shelby are very close and enjoyed the time together going to many doctors appointments and even had some fun with Holly and Heidi. It was definitely the Lord's timing. Thank you Maggie for all your help!!
Shelby continues to weigh heavy on our hearts and minds. She is feeling that 6 rounds of chemo are enough. If they can't do anything with the tumors after that much chemo, she's not interested in going on with it. She has been eating very healthy and is being seen by 2 Christian chiropractor/nutritionists. Also, if they will accept her case, she would like to travel to San Diego, Ca. to the Gerson Institute which works with cancer patients through an extreme diet regiment. She is excited about eating healthy and feeling good again after months of chemo and all its side-effects.
Since October 2004, and finding out our first-born 23 yr. old daughter Shelby developed cancer, she has been our family's number one priority. We have stayed very busy ministering to her needs. Our Christian brethren's response has been overwhelming. I want to remind our supporters that Shelby's medical bills have been paid in full, to this date. And paid almost entirely by God's people. We just don't know how to express our appreciation for this miracle.
Because of our work being more at home these months, it has made it more difficult or impossible for our family to travel to Mexico or Haiti. We ask you to please pray for the commitments of support we still have in Mexico and Haiti. These needs are still there and have not gone away. The support of the Kennedy Family and OSM's General Fund, are one-in-the-same, and has dropped off considerably since October. The thought might be that since we aren't traveling to those countries the support is not necessary. The obligations however, we have in these two countries continue. At this point Haiti's monthly support for the two schools feeding program and Lussade our administrator there, is short 500 dollars a month. OSM sponsors Pastor Santos and his many blessed projects at 4 to 6 hundred dollars a month. The commitments at this time are not being met. Praise the Lord; our family has been able to make up the deficit by not taking paychecks the last couple of months. This is not a complaint, we are grateful the Lord provided the funds for us to do this. So we ask that you pray with us that God would provide for these needs.
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family
Dear Friends,
It has been a very full month. With the spring weather approaching, we have been helping some families start their own personal gardens. With the donated tiller, the work was made much easier. The reward of this labor will hopefully be experienced when the "fruit" comes forth. While planting natural seed, we're reminded of the "eternal seed", the Word of God, and how we water it with prayers and tears. We hope to one day see the "fruit" of that endeavor, also.
The one-room shelter that we had built last month was officially dedicated by Pastor Santos and the Juan 3:16 congregation. It is always a special time to pray over the new homes and ask for a continual presence of God. Bright paint colors were chosen by the family and there was excitement when they moved in.
March brought the Smith family from San Antonio, along with Dr. Kwon and his family from Korea. They participated in a medical clinic in Piedras Negras, and also were able to minister to a family here in Nava. On Easter weekend, guests from Ohio and San Antonio and Utopia, Texas, arrived with a carload of food supplies. Saturday afternoon was spent passing out the goods to various needy families. The families in the "colonia" were extremely blessed by the gifts and friendships of these visitors.
Through your faithful support and involvement in the work here in Nava, we are expecting to see "Great Harvest".
In His Service,
The Sweet Family