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February 2005
Dear Friends in Christ,
We praise the Lord for His faithful love and provision for our family. He is carrying us through this time of trial in Shelby’s life. Our Father is truly the Faithful One and we praise His Holy name!!
Some of you who don’t receive our email updates may not be aware that our last trip to Houston was discouraging. So far the chemo that Shelby has received has had very little effect and Dr. Patel said the bone is not regenerating itself, as we had thought. We then began a new type of chemo, and this Monday we leave for Houston to begin round 2. Please pray with us that it would begin to shrink the tumors or better yet, remove them totally.
Micah and Holly, Sara and Kenny were able to go to Nava for a short visit this month. They were blessed to visit with friends who have been praying diligently for Shelby. While there they also rented our home again for another year. Kenny is back in Mexico (Piedras Negras) this week helping some friends from Tennessee with an evangelism team. He has been interpreting for them which has been good for expanding his Spanish vocabulary. This weekend he will go to Nava where he will be spending some time with Pastor Santos and Fini.
Hopefully, by next month’s newsletter we will have a picture of Holly and Micah’s baby, due March 5th. Please pray with us that their home delivery goes well.
Thank you so much for your prayers, love, and support, we are very grateful! May our Heavenly Father pour out His blessings over each of you!!
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family
Dear Friends,
We see signs of what the Lord is doing in many lives down here through the preaching of the word. It seems there has been a “wave” of interest in the things of the Lord since the beginning of the new year. The Sunday evening service at the John 3:16 church is full of excitement as the people express praise for many answered prayers and provision. For this, we are very grateful.
Along with building the “spiritual house,” I recognize that He also is in charge of any material house we build. The cold, rain, and mud, delayed the erection of a 1-room shelter, but, through the help of many men in the church, it now only awaits some sun shiny days to receive its painting. Completely insulated and sheet rocked, the structure cost $1500 in materials and $150 in labor to help the men and their families. What a blessing it is to Rodrigo his wife Alma and children, Denise and Rodrigo.
With the warmer weather around the corner, we are gearing up to do a gardening program. It is aimed at motivating the people to grow some of their own vegetables. A sample plot is going to be done on the church property, and assistance will be provided to those who want to do their own private garden. Thanks to the Brymer family of Pleasanton, Texas, for a donated tiller.
Thank you all for your prayerful support as we labor together and watch Him “build the house.”
In His Service,
The Sweet Family