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June 2004
Dear Friends in Christ,
"Thy lovingkindness, O Lord, extends to the heavens, Thy faithfulness reaches to the skies. Thy righteousness is like the mountains of God; Thy judgments are like a great deep." Psalm 36:5-6a
As many of you know, once again we had trouble getting our load of lumber across into Mexico. Pastor Santos, Debbi and Kenny spent hours running from one office to another trying to get all the right papers but to no avail. Praise the Lord we are able to buy US lumber in Mexico. It is a great deal more expensive, but our Heavenly Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills! Thankfully the lumber was piled at the jobsites awaiting the arrival of the team.
We had the privilege of hosting a team from Boone, North Carolina, this month. The group was made up of families and individuals from the Boone United Methodist Church, led by alumni, Rodney and Jana Duke. We were blessed to have the Duke family return for the third time and meet their enthusiastic friends.
The group pulled into Hotel Casis in Allende, Mexico, Monday night around midnight. It was their final destination, after a twenty-hour day of travel. Tuesday morning we put them to work, testing their endurance level on about five hours of sleep.
It was incredible to watch the houses go up right on schedule. After the sound of drills, routers, chop saws and lots of hammers pounding that first morning, the walls were raised. It is extremely rewarding to be a part of a unified work crew who all have the same goal of pleasing the Master, no matter how great or small the task.
The weather was great! The first day was overcast, which made the temperature lower. The rest of the week was sunshine, but it still wasn’t too hot.
Two o’clock Friday afternoon was the dedication of these new homes. It is always the highlight for everyone who has poured their labor so willingly and lovingly into the work. The two families receiving the homes were so visibly touched. With tears they expressed their gratefulness for the gift. Jose and Isela, who lived in a bedroom in their parents’ home, said they had always hoped and dreamed of having a home of their own, but knew they would never be able to afford it.
Saturday, half of the team stayed at our house in Nava and packaged food bags and children’s gift bags. It took all morning to get everything organized and in its place. Then just after lunch they caravanned through five different colonias with Pastor Santos, giving away food to sixty needy families.
The second half of the group was at the Juan 3:16 church, performing a medical clinic. We were blessed to have two doctors in the group! Dr. Dan Krontz, an opthomologist, and Dr. Bill Horn, a pediatrician. Saturday morning the church was packed with people waiting to be seen. About halfway through the day, they had to announce that they would not have time to see everyone. The doctors and their crew of assistants worked hard all day trying to see as many people as possible. They only stopped five minutes to eat lunch at their work stations.
In the past, our family has helped with medical clinics in Haiti, but this was the first medical clinic that OSM has done in Mexico. It was exciting to us that the Lord opened a new window of need, that we didn’t realize existed in such a great capacity. We look forward to taking opportunities in the future to hold clinics again.
The Sweet Note
Isaiah 55:12 says, “For ye shall go out with joy and be led forth with peace….”
Interestingly enough, our family is experiencing this verse as we move to Mexico.
To their ultimate surprise, Abe and Joanna were given a ‘going away’ party by some of their friends. How exciting to watch as the friends gathered around them, prayed, and sent them to Mexico with joy. Our hearts were warmed; our spirits soared, our faith was renewed.
By the time you receive this newsletter, we will be sleeping in our pink house in Nava, Mexico. For that we are grateful. Thank you all for making this possible through prayers and offerings.
With joy and peace,
The Sweets
Our July trip is being postponed until December or January. We are keeping in contact with Lussade by phone, and continue to send the finances for the two schools each month.
Lussade has recently made a few follow up trips into the mountains where our group hiked last November. He says that the five young men who received Christ are going to church just up the mountain, and are excited about their new faith. ~ Praise the Lord!!!
We are beginning to prepare and make plans for another purity seminar the first of August. It is always such a sweet time of bonding between the girls as they are taught different principles of being focused on the Lord and serving Him with a whole heart. These seminars cost $4,000 for the entire week of hosting about 12 girls. This includes food, lodging, projects, and a van rental. Please pray with us that the funds needed for this project will come in.
“I will give thanks to the Lord with all my heart; I will tell of all Thy wonders.” Psalm 9:1
Thank you for your continued prayers and support!
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family