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May 2004
Dear Friends in Christ,
As the seasons change so quickly, it is such a vivid reminder of how we should be zealously seeking to serve our Savior.
"Zeal in religion is a burning desire to please God, to do His will, and to advance His glory in the world in every possible way. It is a desire which no man feels by nature—which the Spirit puts in the heart of every believer when he is converted-…" J.C. Ryle
What an incredible challenge!
The third week of May, Kenny and Shelby went to Nava with the Sweet family, and two friends from South Korea. Pastor Daniel Chang and Abe are in the states with a Korean group through Elijah Ministries. Pastor Daniel has a vision to start a ministry like Elijah Ministries in his own country. They have been here since March, and will return home in August. We were blessed to have them along to experience Mexico!
The guys spent their time building two foundations for the upcoming team in June. The area we are building in is new to us. We are excited to expand to another colonia! The families who will be receiving the homes are two young couples. One couple has three children, and the other has two. They are from an extremely tight knit family that all work together and live on the same property. The parents live in the main adobe house and all the children have little shack patchwork homes around it with their own children. They seem very excited and grateful for the houses that will be built.
While the guys built the foundations, the girls worked on cleaning up the Sweet’s new home. There was the typical wild west dust everywhere which meant cabinets needed to be scrubbed, walls needed painting, and closet shelves needed to be wiped down. The girls finished painting all the bedrooms at midnight on Saturday. They felt like much had been accomplished and everything looked brighter and had a clean freshly painted smell.
The Sweet’s goal is to make their big move the week after our June team. They are looking forward to settling in and calling Nava home. They will have a mailing address in the U.S. border town of Eagle Pass, Texas as of June 15th. They would love to receive your encouraging notes, cards, letters and packages, but please continue to send donations to the O.S.M. San Antonio address.
The Saturday before the wedding, Pastor Santos and Fini hosted a wedding shower for Micah and Holly in our back yard in Nava. We were so honored and it was absolutely beautiful. Fini along with several sisters in the church cooked a wonderful meal of fajitas for the crowd of about forty people. They had a teaching planned, and games organized for everyone.
Many of our friends whom we have grown close to over the years and who attend the Juan 3:16 church came, joyously bearing gifts. It was obvious they were excited to have a part in helping stock the new couple’s home. This demonstration of love was very touching for Micah and Holly, knowing what condition these friends live in.
Most everyone who came to the shower have known Micah and Holly for numerous years. They have been such an example of waiting on the Lord and seeking His will in their lives. It was a blessing to watch the two of them walk out in faith the very teachings they presented for years before the Lord brought them together.
May 15th has come and gone. After planning six months for this amazing event, the day seemed to fly by. It was beautiful in every way. The forecast was rain, but the Lord gave us incredible weather! There were about five hundred guests who came and witnessed the union of Micah and Holly as they pledged their lives before God to each other.
The Christian community here in San Antonio as well as our friends from Florida are so giving! Our family was humbled by all the different projects friends took on to bring the wonderful outcome of this gorgeous day. From chopping fruit and veggies, to serving punch, to making coffee and restocking food tables, to helping set up and tear down; the list could go on and on. It was truly a blessing to us! It was such a joy to watch the Lord work out all of the little details! He would bring the right person to suggest the exact thing needed in His perfect, never-too-late timing. What an awesome God we serve!
After the wedding Micah and Holly spent almost two weeks in Cancun Mexico. During their honeymoon, they went sky-diving, parasailing, snorkeling, and got to pet a sea turtle and a shark.
Micah and Holly are now living in Boerne Texas, in a beautiful apartment. We are grateful that they are only forty minutes away. We are looking forward to watching the Lord work through their lives together now. They are going to make a strong team, serving the Lord with the strength of two unified as one.
We are in the process of planning a trip to Haiti, possibly for some time in July.
We have prayerfully decided to begin the food sponsorship program with a second school in Haiti. It is up on a steep hill in Petion-ville, just outside of Port-au-Prince. There are approximately sixty children attending on a daily basis. We have had a desire to help this long time friend, Pastor Peti-Noel, and are excited at the opportunity. Last November when our group visited his school, he shared with them his vision to help the children on the surrounding hill. It was touching to see his passion to help this poor area using his own recourses as far as they would go.
The first food delivery will be in July, then we will start again in September after their summer break.
We would like to thank you for keeping Debbi’s mother, Barbara McGovern, in your prayers. She had her surgery on May 3rd, and just like most people expected, flew out for the wedding on the 15th. The Lord has brought her through this stage in life, and she is moving on. She has returned for several different tests since the surgery and everything is showing all signs of cancer are gone and she has complete health back. We are so grateful to the Lord for her testimony through this tough time in life.
The Only a Servant web page is new and improved, check it out! A friend David Voeller who lives with his family in South Korea as missionaries has taken quite a bit of time and updated it for us. He has offered to help us keep it current and running properly. Thank you David!
We praise Jesus for the love and encouragement He has poured out on our family. Thank you for your prayers and support. May God bless you as we enter another month of opportunities to serve Him.
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family