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April 2004
Dear Friends in Christ,
“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity!” Psalms 133:1
The Sweet family joins O.S.M.
O.S.M. is pleased to announce that through much prayer and seeking the Lord’s will, friends of ours, the Sweet family,Dana, Liz, Abe (14) and Joanna (11), are joining O.S.M. as full-time missionaries to Mexico! The Sweet’s will hopefully be moving to Mexico within the next month and setting up a new home there. As many of you remember from the February newsletter, the Lord directed O.S.M. to rent another home in Nava.This will become the perfect new home for the Sweets.
We have known the Sweet family for close to7 years. Our family has always admired the ministry mind set they have in everything they do. In 1974, as a young married couple and fresh out of San Antonio Bible College, Dana and Liz moved as missionaries to Guatemala. Once in Guatemala, they both went through language school and became fluent in Spanish. Having served there for 2 years,the Sweets then moved back to the States. Even after returning from this foreign mission work the Sweets continued to serve with different ministry opportunities, including church planting, working at drug and alcoholic rehabilitation centers, staffing for a church, overseeing a Christian retreat center and speaking and counseling at numerous home-school conferences. Dana and Liz are very well known through the Texas home-school community.
We are looking forward to seeing how the Lord is going to use this new development to grow O.S.M. Liz and daughter Joanna are planning to organize the ministry’s sewing (Dorcas) house. The Dorcas house has been in dire need of organization since it opened. This will be a great blessing for us as well as the people of Nava.
Dana and son Abe are excited about getting the Carpenter Shop up and running. This would involve holding classes for young boys to teach them practical carpentry skills. It also opens up the opportunity to disciple the boys in character and the gospel. It is a huge ministry for the boys of Nava to have someone consistently teaching and pointing them to the truth.
Dana and Abe will also be a tremendous blessing to our ministry in preparing for teams. Dana has had a lot of experience with all aspects of building, so his help with foundations will be a great asset. He also plans to help with O.S.M.’s building teams.
This month Debbi and I had the opportunity to take the Sweet family to Nava to look at the house, meet our friends there and scout out ministry projects. It was beautiful for us to watch their communication skills while speaking with the people there. We feel so honored to have the Sweet family join our ministry in Mexico!
The Sweet’s goal is to raise a little less than $3,000 per month for their personal expenses. They are also praying for an additional $1,000 per month to support the many outreaches of the ministry. Ifyou would like to be a part of this outreach through financial support, please send your checks to: Only a Servant Ministries, Inc. and in the memo put: Sweet family support. Please be in prayer with them and us that the Lord would supply these funds.
New Tires for Pastor Santos
During our visit to Mexico we were also able to provide Pastor Santos new tires for his truck. We praise the Lord that through His provision we were able to do this. The tires on it were in very poor conditions and the price to replace them in Mexico would have been three times the amount we paid to purchase them here.
Testimony from Terry Dorner
The following is a testimony ofteam leader Terry Dorner from our last team. Terry has joined our ministry as a team member several times in the past. Last month for the first time he put together and organized bringing his own team.
It was my sincere hope that the folks we rounded up to bring to Nava would have a similarly moving experience that I have had in the past. And I think it was a success.All of the team members were blessed by the experience and all are talking of returning again next year.
Please be encouraged that your family showed God’s love through your service and attitudes and that this impacted everyone on our team… I want you to know that your ministry and your family’s vision and purpose still shine through in a major way. It is my desire to continue helping grow your ministry by organizing more teams, should you decide that you will continue in this direction. Based on feed back from our group, I think we can expand into two or three groups for next year.
Please stay in touch and let us know what direction God moves your ministry in the coming year.
God bless your family,
Terry Dorner
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Kennedy Family Update
With our daughter Holly’s wedding coming up next month we have been very busy with bridal showers, sewing, setting up house, and all the other details involved in preparing for the wedding. Dear friends of ours, Liz Sweet and Carole Clark, have been incredible blessings tous in helping coordinate the wedding.
Micah and Holly plan on living nearby in the San Antonio area. If you would like, you could visit their wedding web-site at:
This month Debbi, Shelby, Sara, Holly and Gita Joy along with friends Richard and Kelly Welch, went out to a lake house for a few days to enjoy one last time of fun and fellowship together before Holly leaves home. Much to their disappointment it was rainy and cold most of the time. The weather however, did not keep them from having fun. They were still able to enjoy some skiing and wakeboarding. Though it was meant to be a relaxing time for them they all came home sore from head to toe, but were all grateful for the break, away from wedding planning.
Thank you Richard for all of the boat rides!!
We would ask that you continue to lift Debbi’s mom, Barbara McGovern, up in your prayers. As we mentioned in February’s newsletter, she was diagnosed with cancer in her right lung. She has already been through the five chemo treatments.
We were excited to have “Mema” come here to San Antonio for a few days. We all enjoyed our visit with her and were encouraged to see how well she is doing.
Barbara’s next step is surgery to remove the cancerous part of her lung. Her surgery date is scheduled for May 3rd. Debbi is in Florida now with her mom to help encourage her through this difficult time.Please be in prayer with us that the Lord would strengthen Debbi’s mom and completely heal her of the cancer through this surgery.
Once again the Lord has blessed us with a busy and fulfilling month. We are so grateful to you, our friends, sponsors and prayer supporters for your involvement in our lives!
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family
I will give thanks to the Lord with all my heart; I will tell of all thy wonders. Psalms 9:1