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March 2004
Dear Friends in Christ,
“By the word of the Lord the heavens were made, and by the breath of His mouth all their host.He gathers the waters of the sea together as a heap; He lays up the deeps in store houses. Let all the earth fear the Lord; Let all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of Him.” Psalm 33:6-8
We are in awe of our Lord’s incredible works! His faithfulness and loving kindness toward us is overwhelming!
The first week of March, Debbi, Shelby, Kenny, James and Micah went to Nava to oversee the building of two foundations. The fathers of both homes were very involved in the project, as well as several neighbors. This was a sacrifice on their part, being some of them had night-time jobs. Things ran smooth and on schedule, which is a miracle! At the end of the week they left Mexico with two completed foundations awaiting the upcoming team.
Terry Dorner, a friend who has joined uson several trips in the past, put together a team of his church, family and friends. Most of this team flew in from Orlando, FL, though we did have a family from Chicago, IL. We were blessed by the refreshing energy and encouragement the group brought with them. We also were blessed to have afriend, Ben Easling from Tennessee join us for the week. This was a tremendous help as Ben does construction for a living. We were very grateful for the time he sacrificed from his work schedule to come and assist us for the week.
The Lord gave us beautiful weather the whole week. At the beginning of the week we were concerned by the dark clouds that filled the sky, but the Lord held the rain back each day. We did however get rain during a few nights, just so that everyone could be sure to get the Mexico mud experience! This always adds a challenge to the paint crew as they have to deal with wet paint and sticky mud together, trying not to get the mud that’s covering everything onto the freshly painted walls and trim! We enjoyed every minute of it!
As we mentioned in the last newsletter, one of the families we built for has seven children.Julio and his wife Julia have been praying for a home for their family for quite some time now. With Julio’s low income job working in the coal mines, he is hardly able to provide the basic necessities for his family much less a new home. We first met Julia about a year ago on the front porch of our home in Mexico. Her newborn twins, Rubi and Marcial, were very sick and she was asking for assistance with the doctor fees. In the last year we have been able to visit and become friends with her and her beautiful family.
The second family we built for was a young couple named Matilde and Genoveva. They have two adorable little boys, five year old Orlando, and Carlos who is one. Their living conditions consisted of a small and drafty shack that didn’t keep the cold or rain out. We were so grateful to have been used by the Lord as part of the means for these families to have new homes.
After completing the homes and working exhausting hours for the whole week, the Florida group still had enough energy on Friday to help our Christian friends, Luis and Maria complete the roof over their shower. Some of the ladies even went grocery shopping in the local “El Mirador” and blessed the families of the new homes with approximately a months worth of groceries. Their excitement was evident as all the little children ran out to help unload the food. It’s always amazing to us to see how many lives can be touched in just one week!
Even with all of the recent turmoil in Haiti, Lissade and his family are doing well. We have kept in contact with them by phone, and life continues some what normally for them. Schools were out for some time, but they have now resumed and are going in full force again. Please continue to pray for the country while it is in transition.
Plans for Micah and Holly’s wedding, May 15th are progressing well. Much to our delight they will both remain in full time service to our Lord! Therefore we would like to raise supplemental support to the support Micah receives from Elijah Ministries, ( Only a Servant Ministries would like to provide $500 monthly to them. Please pray that God would raise up committed people to provide the additional funds for Micah and Holly.
May God bless you as you join us in our endeavors to serve the King!
“...and the peace of God,which surpasses all comprehension, shall guardyour hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”
Because of Christ,
The Kennedy Family