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Only A Servant Ministries, Inc. (OSM) operates solely on the financial donations and prayer support of dedicated individuals throughout the world. All donations are tax exempt.
We believe that first of all, your gifts belong to the Lord, and secondly, as stewards of His money entrusted to us, we want it to be used to His glory. For these reasons and more, OSM is account-able to a board of nine Christian members.
Monetary assets are essential to ministry:
  1. Cash gifts
  2. Stocks, Bonds, CD's
  3. Tangible assets in wills
  4. Whole Life Insurance
  5. Land
  6. Other types of salable valuables
  7. In-Kind items 
Financial Needs:
Without a steady flow of financial gifts to our ministry, we would essentially not have a ministry.  The Law of Economics demands that we "pay as we go".  Almost everything we do, wherever go, whatever we need demands money as the means of compen-sation.  That principle has been a constant from the beginning of our history as a people.
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