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July 2022
Dear Friends in Christ,
During difficult times for many of us and our loved ones, this has been a wonderful month for OSM! We thank the Lord for His deep love and mercy over us. His love for us enables us to love Him in return, which makes us all dependent on Jesus. As our pastor, Dave shared recently, Jesus is not just part of what we do, He is the point of ALL we do! Through OSM, and each of you, we are grateful to have the awesome privilege to be His hands and feet to children and many families in Haiti and Mexico. We are blessed to have dear friends, Brothers and Sisters in Christ there, who are very excited to be sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ!
Lussade, along with Edgard and their teams have been able to go to the school a couple of times this month. This is despite the gangs still ravaging the country, killing and kidnapping, causing fuel shortages and blocking roads so people cannot reach their destinations. The last time Lussade went to the school, the night before he went, he sat for hours, waiting to purchase fuel for the trip. Some stations were closed because of the gang’s violence. The Lord showed us favor in many ways for the group to get food and supplies to the school, to pay teachers and check on the children. One of the trips out, Edgard led 6 people in prayer to receive Christ as their Savior and Lord. School children and parents are excited to take him around to meet new families. We shared in the captions more details so you can know these precious souls more personally. These testimonies make all the difficulties worth it! Please pray with us for these new Brothers and Sisters in Christ!
Though the school year just ended, and we are enjoying a more relaxed summer schedule, which includes the feeding program, we are already preparing for September, which will be here before we know it. In the past, we gave families fabric for their uniforms and they were responsible to have them made for their children. This year will be different. Lussade took a taylor, Emmanier, out with him to measure the 130 children for uniforms. He, spent time with each child, measuring and talking with them. Emmanier is a Christian man, well known as an excellent taylor, he even made some of Laissa’s uniforms when she was a student in Haiti. OSM will provide the finished uniforms for the children this year. We are excited to have a better looking and fitting uniform for each child. If you would like to help with this need, the cost is $25/uniform or $3,250 for all the uniforms. Thank you for your care and interest in this need.
Another simple, yet very important need for the children at the school, is another water filter system. This will give them good drinking water for each building. The children definitely use this, filtered water is a must there. If you would like to help with this need, the cost is $115.
While receiving pictures from Edgard, as he was sharing the gospel, we saw the need of a young woman and her baby for a bed, and the need of a wheelbarrow for a construction worker. We sent money for Lussade to purchase these items. Edgard delivered the bed and wheelbarrow to the 2 people he had met and witnessed to; they were very happy for these gifts. Edgard then took several fold up beds, with sheets and a pillow, out to the school area. Wow!! The people there were very excited. Most of them sleep on floors, especially the children. If this is a need you would like to invest in, we will be happy to continue taking beds to the school area. The cost is $100 for the bed, sheets and a pillow. The bed has a cot design, some of them can fold up during the day.
The needs are great in Haiti. Just as our grocery bills and fuel costs have increased, so too have theirs. Living on an island is very expensive, nearly everything is imported. Fuel is $10-15/gallon, when they can find it. Sadly, Bibles have gone from $180 to $280/case within a couple of weeks. Some foods are grown, but there are still many food items which must be purchased at a store or on the street. When we lived there in the 90’s people who sold goods on the street would sell tomato paste by the spoonful as people could not afford to buy a can. Today, the situation is still very desperate for the Haitian people. Any practical way OSM can help the people of the school area and other places is deeply appreciated.
Knowing that things here in the states have become more difficult for most of you, we are even more grateful for your generous support and your prayers for OSM. Our giving is down, which we understand, but we have been able to dip into our savings some to continue providing for the school and teachers, as well as Lussade and Edgard, their families and our team in Mexico. This is a blessing that the Lord has given us, that we are able to continue despite difficult times. Because of this, we are being more open in this letter about the cost of some of the projects OSM is providing. Our Father however, is not shocked or disturbed by these times. We pray His hands of provision about each of you and your families. And we ask that you would pray the same for OSM. Thank you all so much for your encouraging prayers, notes and support, which allow OSM to continue! May the Lord bless you and your families, physically, spiritually and financially, and keep you in His loving care.
Because of Christ,