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June 2022
Dear Friends in Christ,
God has blessed us in many ways this month. It is our hope that you too are seeing God’s love and mercy at work in your homes and families. We celebrated the arrival of our youngest Granddaughter last month. Sadie Leigh Kennedy was born on May 25th to Micah and Valerie. She has 2 older brothers, Landon (4) and Morgan (2) who are very happy to welcome her into their home and hearts. Her delivery went very well, and Valerie was up and going the next day in their home. We praise the Lord for this precious addition to our family!
While all of us are seeing the forces of darkness and God’s armies colliding all around the world today, we can rest in the hands of our loving Father. He is holding us up and drawing our hearts closer to His. This spiritual battle explains why we are seeing gangs taking over Haiti, the cartel running many parts of Mexico, and even very sad events in our country. Satan, however, cannot stop the gospel of Jesus Christ from being shared. Only Jesus can give comfort and peace in these troubled times. This is why we are excited to share Him with everyone!
Edgard and his wife Evelyn (who is Lussade’s sister) have been witnessing to the lost in Haiti. They love to hike and evangelize. We have some pictures to share of some they have met, witnessed to and prayed with. They are meeting weekly with some new Christians to teach and encourage them to move forward in their relationship with Christ. We praise the Lord, Edgard now has the motorcycle we shared in the last newsletter. He is using it to get to some areas that would be too far to walk. He and we are very grateful for this gift for him to use in sharing Jesus Christ with others. Below are some of the messages, prayer requests and a number to the coordinating picture Edgard & Evelyn shared with us and you.
1. We prayed with Isra Gavensky and shared a Bible with her. Isra has an 8 day old new born and shares a home with two families of five. They all live in 1 room and sleep on the floor.
2. We prayed with the three little brothers who live in this home with their parents.
3. This little girl is Julia, she is 7 years old and lives with her cousin Ismylove Francois.
4. This is Ernest, he travels with us to share the gospel. Ernest shared the gospel and a Bible with this young boy named Guerison Floreval. Guerison is 11 years old and walks 1 hour to pick up water every day for his house. He lives with his parents a brother and sister.
5. William Charles is 10, his parents are sellers in the big market in Petionville, He’s staying home alone when he came back to school. Edgard had a long conversation with him and he says he loves Jesus and he wants his Dad to become a Christian too. We can pray for his Dad.
6. Ernest shared a Bible & the gospel with Geurdy Charles. He transports material for people who build homes. He transports rock & sand by carrying it on his head. He has Chicken broth in his hand given to him by a neighbor. He will give this broth to his 4 children.
7. Damon Judelande (mother) she has 3 girls and 1 boy, she lives in a room with her family. They are Christians, but she asked us to pray for her family.
Lussade, Richecard, Aly, Kaloulou, Edgard and Pastor Petit were able to get to the school a couple of times this month. It was a very violent month with the gangs, so it was the Lord’s protection that allowed them to have safe trips. Because fuel tankers were being robbed by gangs, many stations were out of fuel. This adds to difficulty in travel. Thanks for praying for these men.
The second trip to the school, they had a party to celebrate school ending. Lussade’s wife, Md. Lussade made a special meal for the children and their parents to celebrate the school year being completed. Report cards were passed out also. The children were very happy to have their parents come to the school for the closing program. This summer a new teacher will be coaching a soccer team and teaching sports for the children. They will have Bible School through the summer and continue to be fed a meal each day. We are excited to be able to continue feeding children physically and spiritually.
The roof for the Bible School in Nava is completed, praise the Lord! Children come to hear the gospel message and have a fun time together. With the roof being complete, we have sent down fans to help cool the children. Having a fun activity at this home is a very big deal for children in this colonia. They often have only 1 parent or grandparents present, and their lives can be very difficult. The family who hosts them are a loving Christian couple from Pastor Santos’ church. He is usually there to help oversee the children and sharing Bible stories with them.
Pastor Santos continues to reach the lost in his area with the gospel and sharing a Bible with many people. We are grateful that your generous gifts make this possible for him and Edgard.
We pray the Lord’s awesome blessings over you and your families. May He be the center of your homes and lives. Have a safe and wonderful summer!
In Christ,