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May 2022
Dear Friends in Christ,
As is true for most of us, this month had its mountain top experiences and its valleys as well. Most of us go through difficult and celebration times simultaneously, this has been true for us this month. As we welcome life into our families, sometimes we are letting go of our family members on this earth. This is God’s design for our lives. It’s hard and wonderful at the same time. Yet, we know those who walk with Jesus Christ, we will certainly be reunited with in Heaven. This is our gift of Life in Christ.
Some of you, who have met him, and our family have been blessed by the life of Lussade’s Dad, Rene Dagene Eugene. Papa Eugene passed from his earthly life to his heavenly life on May 6th, leaving behind his loving wife, Marthe, 11 children, 25 grandchildren, (our daughter in law, Laissa is one of his grandchildren) and 3 great-grandchildren. He has been very involved and influential in the lives of his family. He has had a relationship with Jesus Christ which began after his marriage to Marthe and continued throughout his life. He used God’s Word in raising and speaking into the lives of his family. When we go to visit Lussade, the love and care of family all around us is obvious. We can see the direct impact that Lussade’s parents, who live side by side with many of their family and close by the others, have had on their lives.
Living such a long life, 93 years, in Haiti, he had many stories of God’s protection over him and his family. He was born not far from where the family lives, which is where he passed away. He worked as a farmer, a builder and a stone mason and was able to send his children to school, many of them attended the Baptist Haiti Mission schools. Two of his sons became pastors and others have been involved in Christian ministry, such as Lussade.
Papa Eugene and his wife were dear friends of our daughter Shelby as well. She loved going to visit Lussade and spending time with his family. His parents were always there and a blessing in her life. May 31 was the 17-year anniversary of Shelby (at 23-years-old) also stepping into the loving arms of Jesus. She is deeply missed every day. There is great comfort to know she was there to greet Papa Eugene when he met Jesus face to face. Shelby often spoke of the ripple effect of our lives, our decisions will impact our family and friends towards or away from Jesus. These 2 dear ones have led many people to become followers of Jesus because of directly sharing Christ with them and living a life that points others to their Savior. As we all hope to be, they were surely greeted with the words of Matt. 25:21 “Well done, good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of your Master.” Hallelujah, what a Savior! Please pray for Lussade and his family.
The gangs have been having shootouts in the streets and have been kidnapping people aggressively. They began kidnapping doctors, and as a result, doctors are fearful to be out. One of the main hospitals in Port-au-Prince is only taking seriously injured emergency patients, no preplanned surgeries because of doctors protesting the warlike areas they must go through to get to work and the possibility of being kidnapped. The innocent people are once again suffering because of the horrible acts of a few in Haiti. Now a vitally needed hospital is closed except for its emergency room because of gangs. They have basically taken over the country. With the lockdown situations all around Haiti, most missionaries have left because they cannot travel freely or safely. Some have resorted to flying from their mission compounds by helicopter or being driven by armored car. Please continue to pray for this gang war to end in Haiti.
Lussade has not been able to get to the school this month. Edgard is still sharing the gospel of Christ with others. Two people recently prayed to receive Christ as a result of his sharing. He also stays in touch with those who have prayed with him in the past. This is very exciting! Lussade, Edgard and OSM have decided to purchase a motorcycle for Edgard so he can possibly get to the school area more often and share the gospel and disciple new Believers. Motorcycles can go places that cars cannot, they also can get through roadblocks much more safely. Having lived in Haiti, we know about the high cost of maintaining a vehicle, so this is a more appealing idea to us. A motorcycle should be an excellent tool for Edgard to use in sharing the gospel in the school area and doing follow up ministry for those he has witnessed to. If you would like to help, the motorcycle will cost $2,100. Please pray with us that the Lord will provide for this purchase.
In Mexico, our dear Brother in Christ, Pastor Santos continues to minister around the Nava area. He writes us to tell of what the Lord is doing there almost daily. It is amazing what God is accomplishing through him. We are blessed by his writings and will try to share some with you.
Pastor Santos has been to Haiti in the past with our family. He loves Lussade and his family, including having met Papa Eugene. He wrote a kind text to Laissa and her family, the following is what he wrote: My family and I offer our deepest condolences to Laissa and her family in Haiti. Console yourselves, my people, says your God. (Isaiah 40:1) Revelation 14:1 says I heard a voice from Heaven say to me, write Blessed are those who die in the Lord from now on. Yes, says the Spirit, they will rest from their works, because their works with them continue. A fraternal hug with much love for the family, Church, and friends.
The Lord had Pastor Santos and his wife Fini put together a one-day marriage seminar. The marriage seminar went very well, they prepared a nice meal and more couples attended than expected. At the same time, he received word that a dear friend, Felix, had passed away. Felix attended the same university with Santos, where they met, remained friends and Santos attended his wedding. After many years he came to Santos when his marriage was falling apart. Felix and his wife stayed in Santos and Fini’s home on the Ranch of Faith and Santos was able to lead Felix to the Lord. This transformed his life and their marriage. They served Christ together as faithful disciples ministering to his family. When Felix passed away, his wife asked for Santos to do the funeral, which he gladly did. Then she spent some time with Santos and Fini on the Ranch of Faith. God is good to use them and their ranch to minister to so many people in need. Sometimes they have families come and stay with them, they always have work and time to speak into the lives of others.
Pastor Santos has been ministering to local young people. They daily face challenges which are deeply disturbing. He wrote, “we pray for the children of our municipalities so that they receive the spiritual bread and have a dignified life and grow vigorous and strong in the face of temptations that the youth are experiencing and cannot overcome. We pray for those youth who have been seduced and have fallen in the networks of evil vices and temptations of immorality that the world continues to offer and the devil tempting them to snatch their lives.”
There is a ministry Pastor Santos oversees in the home of one of his church members. It is called ‘Casa De Pan’ (House of Bread) and they have Bible school for the local children once a week. The family who hosts this has a fried chicken business out of their home. They have the Bible school in an enclosed porch area which has no roof. OSM sent a tarp which they are using temporarily, and we are working on having a roof put on the porch. Pastor Santos shared: ‘The children of Casa De Pan greet you and thank you for your love. Today the Word of God was shared with them and they were given gifts and food and sweets. They are very happy for the love of Christ expressed by the people of God.’ This is you, our OSM family!! Thank you for your love shown to these dear children!
We are grateful to each of you for your faithful prayers and love expressed to us and OSM. Your giving has allowed us to continue to be a part of the ministry of these dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ who are faithfully serving Him in Haiti and Mexico!
In His Love,