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December 2019
Dear Friends in Christ,
We praise the Lord for His protection, His care and provision, His gift of Jesus Christ and through Him- Salvation!
The beginning of December travel in Haiti was difficult. Yet, slowly the roads seem to be improving for Kenny and Laissa. Each time they travelled, we sent out texts asking some of you to pray for their safety. Knowing many of you were lifting them up before our Heavenly Father meant so much to us. Thank you very much Prayer Partners! If you would like to join us praying during difficult times, Facebook message or e-mail us your name and phone number.
Finally, Kenny & Laissa, her father, Lussade and Pastor Petty made a trip to the school in Mirebalais. Praise the Lord! They went to check on the teachers and the children. They arrived while testing was going on. One grade level was at the school, while the other children came to be tested at another time. Things appeared to be going well. The children are very happy to be attending school and the teachers are excited to have a paying job. It is a blessing to be assisting this church and community with a school for their children. Thank you to each of you who have prayed with us and given financially to help this greatly needed school begin.
Kenny has been helping to oversee a building project while John Draxton was in the states with his family. The day John returned, a vehicle from the compound was highjacked. Thankfully, the driver is fine. He also had a team come in just after he arrived. A small group of the team decided to use Kenny and our vehicle to go out to check on some of the agriculture projects at some of the schools in the north of Haiti. We are glad that Kenny can assist with his driving and interpreting when it is needed.
We are very grateful for each of you and your extra gifts for children in Haiti this year! These gifts have a great impact on Haitian families. And, we are not limited to December in giving these gifts, anytime you are able to donate for these needs, please know that it is a huge blessing!
On December 11th, just after many family members had gone home, Micah and Valerie’s baby boy, Morgan Levi, was born. We praise the Lord for this precious little gift and are very grateful he and Valerie are doing great!
May each of you be blessed as you celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ!
Because of Christ,